Monday, 31 December 2018

Winter U.S Infantry for Rules of Engagement

Reorganised and finished painting the US infantry I originally bought for Bolt Action but as I have said before that set of rules put me off WW2 gaming in 28mm ,however ROE has changed that so I am finishing all my 28mm WW2 bits now ,we have a nice little following for ROE at Sheffield War Games Society now . My U.S infantry is a basic platoon with some support ,I still want to add a HMG and Med Mortor and maybe a couple of vehicles as well . The figures are a mix of Warlord and Artizan this allowed me to field a platoon where each figure is different , mat is as usual by urban matz
Platoon Command ,officer ,2 NCO's a Medic and a Rifleman

1st section rifle group .NCO , Bar Team and Rifleman 

1st Section assault group NCO and 7 Riflemen 

2nd Section rifle groups as per the 1 section

2nd section assault group , a rifle grenadier adds abit of punch 

LMG team 

Bazooka group

Artillery Observers

Friday, 28 December 2018

Christmas Game -Rules of Engagement

Sheffield Wargames Society always have aChristmas Games day which this year started at 12.30 and continued until 8pm allowing time to undertake a bigger game or games and enjoy the supplied buffet as well .This year we played a Rules of Engagement scenario .Brits v Germans in the desert ,the game was a christmas cracker , Both sides advancing the German 222 advanced and bravely fired on the British Armour to no avail and the infantry rushing to dig in .Turn 2 saw the Brit tank return fire on the German armored car only to miss wildly ,the 222 responded and caused minor damage but this resulted in killing some of the crew and the rest bailed out and legged it , things got worse for the Brits with a well aimed burst from a HMG taking out the British HQ and the Pziv catching a section of tommies in the open ,things started to look bad for the gallent tommies . Turn 3 started with a boys anti tank rifle  taking a shot at the Pziv to no avail what so ever ,next revenge was sought with fire being trained on my Hq unit and on my HMG and my infantry on my right flank ,poor shooting and some bad dice rolls resulted on only 1 hit on my HQ unit which was deflected by a cigar case sent over for Xmas to one of the young jerries . Return fire was more accurate and the Brits reached thier break point and started to retire from the battle . Figures a mix of artizan and warlord ,vehicles a mix of s&s warlord and others,  scenery airfix and anyscale plus other oddments

Monday, 17 December 2018

Flags of War Jacobites W.I.P first 5 finished

First 5 Jacobites finished ,going to make this up to unit strength for sharps practice hich will be 12 figures ,then I will work on some lowlanders and Royal eccossias.
Tried to give a marshy looking finish with patches of long grass and heather 

Friday, 14 December 2018

Flags of War jacobites work in progress part 3

Finished the painting ,just a couple of coats of satin cote then a matt coat finish and the basing to do .Really nice figures to work on ,in future I will do batches of the same background colour to speed things up .

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Flags of War Jacobites work in progress part 2

With all the base colours in place they are already looking good , next will be a wash then the tartan and highlights and faces .

a few scenic bits

Took some time to finish off a plastic renedra church ,I based it along with some Renedra grave stones .The church is ok it doesn't fit together too well but its cheap and fits in with a few games I plan F.I.W and ACW for sharps practice and will feature in a upcoming scooby doo game for 7TV ,the grave yard will also fit into a few different games I plan at some point to get a european style church . Also based 2 cabins for my FIW set up I have already used them unbased but the bases set them off and protect them in storage ,the cabins are 4ground which are nice and fairly easy to put together I plan on getting a few more for my American frontier hamlet .

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Children of the fields

The latest stuff Ive managed to paint are the corn dolls and the Brood , the corn dolls are basically scarecrows as sen in dozens of horror films but I believe these are based on a David Tenant era  Dr Who episode ,they come multi part so you can amke a few variants , the Brood are based on the Children of the Damned pale skin white hair and staring gold eyes ,all scary stuff .

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Flags of War Jacobites work in progress

Picked 5 figures at random so I could practise with painting tartan , all charging , 2 in shirts with muskets the other 3 in shirts .The poses are excellent and even though the highlanders charging with targe and Broadsword is a bit of a myth by the time of Culloden there is evidence a lot of the rear ranks were still equiped like this so I have purchased some to give the units areal Highland look and these figures are great ,they come with seperate arms so you can give areal mixed look to the clans .I will keep aregular up date on these figures although I do plan to take my time with them and I even planned my purchases this time and have enough figures for the Sharp Practice army list for this period .
stuck together and put on bases ....

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Children of the Fields a few more finished .

Managed to get afew more bits done , almost finished now only another 17 to go . Lady Winterly ,the village signpost ,the may queens and the Straw man are all now ready for action . I tried to give the impression that the may queens dresses were see through as they are obviously based on the dancing school girls in the original Whickerman film ,so I did a light flesh wash in the areas where the bodies pressed against their robes not sure how it looks ....
A lovely large resin model 

the raunchy may queens 

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Flags of War Jacobite Kickstarter

My stuff arrived today that I ordered through flags of wars kickstarter project ,and I am highly satisfied  . The Kick Starter was carried out as they should be lots of notifications by the KS page ,personal emails and Facebook ,delivered on time and some nice freebies. The figures are superb ,full of character and realistic poses ,Obviously a work of passion , I can't wait to start on these ,they even posted a nice painting guide to Tartan which will be handy these wil be based for Sharps Practice by Too Fat Lardies . Now I am out of work not sure if I will be able to take part in their next KS but if I can I will .10/10
The free flags are amazing

More Freebies



Royal Ecossaise 

The free characters 

fantastic detail

Seperate arms make it easy to build a varied unit

the pose and detail are superb and almost no flash at all 

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Mummer men and Murder of Crows -more children of the fields 7tv weirdness

Managed to get a few more figures finished for the Children of the fields programme guide for 7TV , a group of mummer men ,brightly coloured folk dancers with bells around their feet and musical instruments to cheer you up and clubs to smash your heads in ,,,, plus 3 murders of crows .All figures from the crooked dice Kickstarter

No idea how to base these so went for these ideas 

the rather magnificent 7 

Monday, 3 December 2018

54mm Frontier Light Horse & my zulu library

As my Anglo Zulu war book collection expanded I thought my 28mm tank collection looked out of place in front of them ,so a while ago I purchased a few 54mm zulu war figures from Benieto Miiniatures and they stayed in their boxes until last week .With a lot,of time on  my hands I got out the one that looked the easiest to build and paint which was atrooper of the Frontier Light Horse one of the many colonial cavalry units involved in the AZW .The figure went together realy well and I think I have done a semi decent job on him ,I have ordered some display plinths for my little collection fothem to stand guard over my book collection which is nearly 70 strong including some nice little collectables which I have picked up cheaply , also to fill the shelf my good friend John bought me a replica 24th foot helmet which has found a place in front of the books .
The Benieto FHL figure

Top shelf 

2nd shelf 

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

one hour wargames -Zulu Skirmish

John my long time Gaming buddy recently bought a set of skirmish rules called one hour wargames which we tried out tonight using my Anglo Zulu war stuff .Basically a small skirmish rule set 8 figures for the brits and 16 for the zulus , the game uses playing cards instead of dice and it does what it says on the cover , we played 2 games in just over an hour admittedly the 2nd game was over quickly due to the cards turned over to decide the game end but both games were lots of fun ,all very simple but we will play it more I'm sure . Figures Empress and warlord ,redoubt is warlord as well.Spurred me on to carry on with my own zulu rules and getting my armies finished being out of work should give me plenty of time.
The Brits ,6 riflemen a officer and a Nco .

The Zulus 11 spears ,4 muskets and a leader 

the rules

The zulus advance with heavy losses

The Joker ends the turn ,the king shows how many action points i recieved this turn 

hand to hand 

we swapped sides and my Zulus advanced taking a right hammering .