Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Mantic Games Terrain Crate

Having been playing 28mm Skirmish games recently the need for lots of terrain is amust so I ahve made acouple of largish purchases ,the first one is a terrain crate from Mantic games ,I grabbed it in their recent sale which saved me about £20 and included some bits that are normally not on sale .The crate in question is a sturdy cardboard box ideal for storing the terrain items .There are about 4 different crates ,the one I purchased was Campbell Heights which represents items you might find in and around a small town . The box is made up of 4 different sets plus a few items that were kick starter only giveaways ,the sets seperatly are around the £25 mark ,the crate set me back £79. so a bit of a saving plus the extra freebies.The sets are Two Trees Mall ,which contains ,shelves and various goods to display , magazine and clothes racks ,counters and cash registers , vending machines ,seats ,ATM's and lots of other bits. Next is Survivors stronghold which represents things found in old warehouses and factories that would be useful after the apocolypse .Next up is my favourite set Crystal peaks Campsite which contains some tents of various sizes ,sleeping bags ,camp fire picnic stuff ,camp chaiers and play ground bits ,there is also adestroyed tent and shredded sleeping bag , finally Abandoned office contains awierd mix of desks ,computers ,forklift truck ,bath ,wc;s etc .All nice quality and sturdy should add a bit of scenery to a lot of my pulp and modern games .

Thursday, 18 March 2021

More 60's Tv

 Finished afew more figures for Pulp Alley and 7TV based on 1960s ITV shows ,more for the nAvengers in the shape of Mother Brilliantly portrayed by Patrick Newell ,the Cybernaut a top villain that made 3 apperances in total ,Paul Beresford ,the Cybernauts creators brother out for revenge played by Peter Cushing .The next one is Roger Moores Simon Templar and finally the flamboyant Jason King played by Peter Wyngarde ,King had his own series and was also featured in Department S .Figures from Artizan and Crooked Dice

Do what Mother says

Sunday, 14 March 2021

Goodwill Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu R.I.P

 Sad news that king Goodwill passed away on the 12th March due to covid 19 ,the controversial King who always showed a huge interest in the anglo Zulu war and attended many functions not only in South Africa but in the UK ,he was the first Zulu Monarch to visit the UK parliament since Cetshawayo attended after his capture . I attended one of his visits to the UK in 2019 .

The picture of Goodwill at the Blood River memorial to the Zulu Kings taken in 2019 on our visit to Zululand
The Kings visit to Brecon in Wales 2019 

Thursday, 4 March 2021

More Zulu Goodness

 A parcel arrived today from Ian Knight containing a few bits for my growing Zulu collection ,3 rather nice movie stills 2 of them framed ,featuring Micheal Caine , Nigel Green and Ivor Emannuel all in action poses from the film amd a nice booklet by John Labland for the KwaZulu monuments council a rare booklet made that bit more special as its signed by the author .