Tuesday, 31 March 2020


Just finished this beautiful miniature from the Oathsworn kickstarter .A huge resin piece who will go by the name of Sir Winston of Church Hill . I tried a different approach with the varnish on this one ,I normally spray a satin varnish then when dry i spray again with a mat finish ,with this I tried a gloss brush on then brushed on a matt on the cloth and fur so the armour and eyes stayed gloss.

Monday, 30 March 2020


Finished these a while ago but putting my Royal Ecossaise command away ,I realised I never put these lads on the blog ,a unit of 12 clansmen and 2 leaders 1 real and 1 fictitious .All flags of war figures to be used with the  sharp practice supplement 1745.
`the full unit

John Roy Stuart

The Red Fox

Saturday, 28 March 2020

Royal Ecossais-

I am getting through lots of painting but to stop getting fed up ,I m picking random packs out of the lead pile ,no way to get armies painted but its more fun . `Here are the command group of the Royal Ecossais a French Regiment of mainly Scottish Volunteers who were sent to aid the Jacobites in the 1745 rebellion . Figures and Flags by Flags of war .The finished unit will be used for the Jacobite Rebellion using too fat lardies Sharp Practice.

"In addition to red coated Irish Picquets Lord John Drummond, the commander of the French Troops, also brought some 400 men of his own regiment, the Royal Ecossois. This was a Scottish unit raised in 1744, for which Drummond was given permission to raise a second battalion in Scotland. A couple of officers and some men can certainly be identified as having joined the regiment after its arrival in Scotland, but the projected second battalion never materialised. Unlike the Irish regiments there was no polite fiction that these Scots soldiers were merely 'on loan' from the British Army and consequently, instead of the full-skirted red coats worn by the Irish, the Royal Ecossois had a rather dashing blue uniform." - Stuart Reid, 'Like Hungry Wolves'

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Stalingrad -by Skype

Being wargame recluses at the moment ,Tim came up with the idea of playing amatrix game by skype  and it worked wonderfully ,really good fun .Shows theres always a way to get together without endangering each other . Full report on Tims blog here  https://megablitzandmore.blogspot.com

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Anglo Zulu War naval Brigade

I thought I would get away from the usual red coats and bought myself a few naval brigade figures ,these ones represent the crew of HMS Boadicia ,they wore white uniforms and Blue caps .Support is provided by a Fisher Luanching Tube Mark 11 for the 24lb hales rocket , a much heavier weapon than the one used by the army .The Naval parties saw lots of service n the Zulu war ,in fact most vitorian campaigns ,next up the gatling supported force from HMS Shah

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

am a mole andI live in a hole;more Burrows and Badgers Kickstarter goodness

managed to finish another 3 kickstarter miniatures , the 3 moles inclding the free miner , I amworking from home and we seem to be having a large amount of vandalism which i have to try and deal with ,without leaving the house ,think all the lovely kids are ignoring the stay at home rules but I should have a few more historical figures for show tomorrow.
Mole Sniper couldn't resist the huge eyeball

a mole in a hole

Mole warrior 

Saturday, 21 March 2020

Charlie Foxtrot -Pantile Hermitage

Finished the second building ,this time a hermitage and this one was easier  to build than the first ,fitted together in a few minutes (plus drying time) so easy as everything just fits together so easily .Probably buy a lot more of these I can see a full village making an appearance .

Friday, 20 March 2020

Charlie Foxtrot Pantile Buildings

In the past i have purchased lots of counters ,movement trays etc from Charlie Foxtrot and have sseen their buildings but thought they looked complicated,well I purchased 2 recently to use in my planned Sharps Practice games set in the peninsular .I started one last night and finished it today ,what asimple task it was ,the parts fitted together really well and following the instructions on the web site I think I made it look fairly nice . The kit is MDF and resin and includes aouple of optional bits and replacents for the fiddly mdd shutters .Will be making the second one this weekend and hopefully show them off together . 10/10

Pantile Building 3 with brigade figures for comparison

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

latest figures

Stuck at home ,having to work alone due to being on the at risk list due to my diabetes ,so probably gets lots of figures done between work tasks , first lot are the first 2 figures from the last Oathsworn kickstarter for burrows and badgers , a pair of highland warriors and a group for last days from osprey these are amix of figures ive had for ages.

Monday, 16 March 2020

Muskets and Tomahawks second edition.

Just received the new version of muskets and Tomahawks along with the 1st supplement and the cards and tokens. I do have the first edition which I liked but I converted to Shjarps Practice a while ago .There are alot of changes at first glance ,this ediition is acore rule book with the basic rules and you have to buy supplement books to cover different periods muchlike the black powder rules from warlord. The other changes are moving to D10 rather than D6 and how the cards are used .The book is an impressive hard back full colour but only 79 pages long which are packed with colour photos which hint at future supplements such as the Zulu war and Napoleonics . There is alot of explaining of the rules with examples throughout but a quick run through shows there only about 17 pages of rules so a pretty expensive book .The first supplement is Redcoats and Tomahawks ,a magazine like book of 42 pages ,mine is already suffering from folds and creases ,the army lists cover the French Indian war ,war of Independence and the war of 1812 ,I must admit Im not impressed with the lists at all ,again lots of colour eye candy making it a very expensive magazine .The cards again are nice but flimsy and the token set is actually a card punch out set ,written in French on one side and English the other ,again expensive for what they are , I presume some one will bring out MDF or plastic tokens soon you also need new cards and tokens for each supplement you buy . I recieved 3 free minis which are nice .Overall from what ive read so far im not looking at giving up sharp practice . 7/10

Saturday, 7 March 2020

1745 British -flags of war kickstarter

Jut recieved my kickstarter pledge from Flags of War ,this is the second kickstarter for the Jacobite Rebellion and this time gives us the British Figures ,infantry ,grenadiers ,Highlanders and Dragoons .Again lovely figures , regular updates on progress some nice freebies overall a great experience again ,looking forward to the nexy phase. 10/10

My pledge 

The free flags of my choice

A free Duke of Cumberland

The next pics show the quality .straight out of the packet 

Thursday, 5 March 2020

Bag the Hun -early war French V Germans

In our quest to game everything ,we dragged out Bag the Hun this week a Too Fat Lardies game we had for years but never played .Ian kindly brought his toys and mat and umpired so John and myself could learn the ropes as Ian has played many games .I took the Germans ,4 109's and 3 DO17 John had the French 3 Bloch 152's and 3 Dewptaine 520's .I was quite confident of a Luftwaffe victory but as soon as we started rolling dice I knew it would be a black day for Adolfs boys .The French smashed the Do17's with only one getting through to hit its target ,3 of the the Me109s managed to live to tell the tale but all with disasterous die rolls managed to end up with various problems all of them down to half fire ,however they did manage to claim a Bloch so just scraped a draw due to this and the bomb damage .Great game definitely up for more of this.Alltoys were Tumbling dice miniatures

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Burrows and Badgers -Kickstarter

As I have already said I love Burrows and Badgers by Oathsworn and could not resist taking part in their latest kickstarter .The figures arrived and each one is amazing .There were 17 figures if you pledged for the full collection (which I did ) these consisted of  2 small figures 10 medium ,2 large and 3 massive figures ,all metal except the 3 Resin I also got 3 free figures for backing the full pledge one of these is the first undead animal made by Oathsworn .All beautiful figures as usual cast in one piece with lots of character and detail ,they arrived vet well packed as usual in bubble wrap and a sturdy plastic box .The kick starter was very well run with regular updates and arrived slightly before due date .10/10

one of the massive models a red kite 

one of the freebies a mining mole complete with acandle on his helmet

another of the freebies an undead mouse

another massice creature a border collie