Thursday, 22 July 2010

Hi ,Irregular Miniatures have kindly donated a £5.00 gift voucher as a prize in our raffle and just to correct a error I made earlier The Prizes from Osprey are the new Fields of Glory RENAISSANCE RULE BOOK and 1st army list book WARS OF RELIGION WESTERN EUROPE.

pic: Jerusalem Cemetary Normandy

Monday, 19 July 2010

more goodies

ambush alley game
A part of the Wall at the National Arboretum

More prizes for the raffle S&S Models have kindly donated 3 28mm items ,a pz4d ,a willys jeep and a 75mm us pack howitzer . these three prizes bring the retail value of prizes to over £400.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Prizes updates 14th July

Just a complete list of whats up for grabs and from who, in no particular order:::

Ambush alley - 1 each of their in print books , signed by the Alley team each drawn as a seperate prize.

Caliver Books- a 5 issue subscription to Battle Games Magazine

Two Fat Lardies 1 each of :

through the mud and the blood

Charlie don't surf

Bag the Hun

Le Fau Sacre

West Wind have donated 1 of each of:

Scecrets of the 3rd reich Rule book

german zombies pack 1

german zombies pack 3

Doomsday book

Baccus 5 prizes from Peter:

1 x French 1806-1812 army pack

Polemos acw


Polemos Franco Prussian war

Polemos Napoleonic companion

Northstar 1 x 28mm fallschirmjager 24 figure box set

Osprey 1x Fields of Gory
1 x war of religion

with more products on the way from Gripping beast and sands models we are heading for almost £400 worth of prizes

Monday, 12 July 2010


WOW an amazing prize Ambush Alley are donating one of each of thier books all signed by the Ambush Alley team. I WANT THEM MYSELF!!!

Prize update number 2

Hi Osprey Publishing have joined our long list of helpers by donating 2 Prizes :
1 x Fields of Glory Rulebook
1 x War of Religion

keep watching.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Prize Update

I will start listing the prizes as I recieve them or as they are confirmed by the company making the donation.So far we have:
1 x 5 issue subcription to battlegames magazine donated by caliver books
1 x Through the mud and blood donated by Two fat lardies
1 x Le Fau sacre Donated by Two fat Lardies
1 x Bag the Hun Donated by Two Fat Lardies
1 x Charlie Don't Surf Donted by two fat Lardies
plus items on the way from Baccus ,Sands Models, west wind ,Gripping beast and North star just to name a few...WATCH THIS SPACE

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Royal British Legion Raffle

hi ,back to fundraising and we now have started getting the first prizes from wargaming manufacturers ,so in no particular order we already have items from the following manufacturers: Two Fat Lardies ,Ambush Alley , Baccus, Gripping Beast ,S&S , Caliver Books and North Star with hopefully lots more to come.So far we have over £200.00 worth of prizes ,tickets go on sale the end of this month and the draw will be November 11th .More Details Soon