Thursday, 29 September 2016

Anzac Centurions

Finally finished my 4 Aussie Tanks for Ambush Valley .
the  last 3

and from the rear 

All together now 

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Zulu Kickstarter

Andrew at AW miniatures has informed me that his next kick starter is Zulu war ,some nice stuff in there as well.His last 3 kickstarters have been successful so no worries in backing this great guy .

Sunday, 18 September 2016

ACW Tour the final day -Manassas/Bull Run

After spending nother couple of days in Washington we visited Manassas before going to the airport . Again awell preserved site with a visitors centre and shop . We visited stone Bridge and saw the Bull Run stream  Mathews Hill and Henry Hill and Henry House where the first civilian death of the war occured .again many monuments and artillery pieces cover the sites including arather strange one of Stonewall Jackson ,according to our guide the park wasnt allowed to show favouritism to the southern forces so they had this statue of Jackson made which shows him larger than life ,in fact he is so well built he looks superhuman . Finally I would suggest using an official guide on the battlefields so you dont miss anything especially if you are short on time , we had one at each battlefield and they are very informative and had lots of stories and added alittle bit of fun to the sombre nature of the day ..
The approach to stone bridge

Bull Run

The View from Mathews Hill To Henry House Hill

The Henry House

The rather muscle endowed statue of Jackson

Saturday, 17 September 2016

ACW Tour day 6 -Petersburg & Richmond

Our visit to Petersburg National Park was differnet due to the nature of the battle ,it was more like visiting a WW1 site than the fields we had visited over the previous week ,trench warfare ,mines and craters a reminder of how warfare changes so quickly .Again the site is well preserved other than the actual crater which has mostly been filled in .As with the other sites there is avisitor centreand museum and many artillery pieces and monuments are everywhere but also some defences and trench works are there to walk round .

Richmond ,the capitol of the south we visited the Whitehouse of the confederacy and the museum of the confederacy as well ,these sites plus the statues to the great southern generals leave no doubt where the loyaties lie in this part of the country .

In the North and on the battlefield confederate battle flags are not shown ,you make up for it in the  South 

Veterans of Picketts Charge re-enact it many years later 

Home made broach made from a flattened bullit