Thursday, 22 July 2021

More Burrows and Badgers completed

Another three figures from the latest Oathsworn kickstarter completed . A puffin captain ,a hare warrior and mole in a hole number 4 .

A mole in a hole

Count De Haires 

Captain C. Bird 


Sunday, 18 July 2021

A Badger ,A Rabbit ,A frog and a Mouse walk onto a painting table

 Picked four of the new figures from Oathsworns Dark.Devout and Heroic kickstarter I recived last week ,to make a start and they were as always a joy to paint so full of detail and character .

The Mouse-keteer ,
Frog Wilding Warrior and the Rabbit Guard sergeant

The Badger Ranger 

Loaded down with equipment

Thursday, 8 July 2021

The Dark,the Devout and the Heroic

 The latest kickstarter from Oathsworn for their Burrows and Badgers game arrived yesterday and wow have they surpassed themselves this time.Over 30 figures spread over 3 factions and each one is a work of art ,these latest ones add some figures for the normal game (the Heroic) then 2 new factions with new rules are the Dark ,undead led by necromancers and the Devout a group of Church led witch hunters ,rules are included in the latest Oathsworn Journal which is free to download but more in depth rules are in an upcoming supplement . Below are a few pics of some of the figures and hopefully I will get time to start painting and basing these beauties soon .

The full contents list
As always well packaged and superb service

The Beaver Deacon from the Devout Range

a Fox Knight ,Badger Ranger and a Frog Wilding  from the Heroic set 

Saturday, 3 July 2021

Jacobite travels pt5

 There are not many places in Scotland especially the highlands thnat dont have Jacobite connections ,we visited Fort Augustus and Fort William both sieged during the 45 .Although they survived the sieges very little remains of the forts now other than the names ,there is amusuem in Fort Willaim that contains some nice 45 related items but sadly due to covid we could not get in .One thing we did visit at Fort William wasthe Commando memorial not 45 related but very well presented and emotional with the garden of rememberance and the arae were ex commandoes can have their ashes spread .On the way home we stopped at Loch Ness of course and visited ,welll as close as security allowed the sinister Boleskin house and the associated graveyard,all very scary . On our journey back to England we stopped at Blair Atholl altough we did not have time to actually get into the castle but all the more reason to revisit .

The photos above are of Blair Atholl ,the ones below are Fort William 

This and the next few are of the Commando Memorial near Fort William 

This is Boleskin cemetery the pictures of the House though taken from a distance through a security fence did not take for some reason ......

Looking for Nessy

Thursday, 1 July 2021

Jacobite Travels pt4

A visit to Fort George was next on our list , After Culloden Britain wanted the ultimate deterrent against further uprisings and the outcome was Fort George . The Huge fort was bristling with Artillery and was an 18th century triumph , jutting out into the Moray Firth it controlled land and sea access to the area. It has been home to many Highland regiments and even though it is still home to the Black Watch most buildings and the entire wall are open to the public ,many weapons and uniforms are on dispaly with the added bonus of seeing the modern vehicles and troops on duty ,with the occasional Dolphin and Porpoise popping up for a look .