Saturday, 29 March 2014

B.A.O.R ,zombies ,survivors and other things finished in March

PSC Pz1V box set 3 models for £13.99 .
March has been a productive month for me , besides finishing my stags and modern police (see earlier post) for the guild painting competition ,I managed to complete 3 Pz 1V's  .some Zombie's and survivors and some B.A.O.R bits and even started my cold war Russians.

start of a Zombie Hoard

Various Manufacturers 

err...ok couldn't resist these 

St Trinians v Zombies ?


S&S Recce Landies  lovely kits

F.O  and sniper

ZSU 23/4 S&S again  
Over all I am chuffed that I have done so much the PSC stuff is really good I am starting on their Late war german infantry now ,the S&S cold war vehicles are great ,I have had these since September and only just realised some of the crews arms and heads were missing so cut bits of other unused figures .The Zombies are Zombicide and Studio Miniatures for 7ombie TV rules and the Girls are the ones from Crooked Dice.The Scimitar is the Airfix one I mentioned earlier .

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Yorkshire Air Museum and Allied Air Forces Memorial

Former RAF Elvington is now home to a nice collection of Aircraft and vehicles covering pre WW2 up to recent times ,it is also the home to many memorials and displays  and boasts a rather fine restaurant so no excuse not to visit .The staff are mainly volunteers and are really helpful and informative and have "special days" when the engines on the DC 3 and Buccaneer are started up during our visit we were lucky to get a guided tour of the DC 3 Dakota complete with a taped recording of British Paras going into action from a Dakota after flying through flak .



..and inside ,its a very steep walk up to the cockpit

another Buccaneer 

yep Buccaneers 

Allied Air Forces Memorial 

Monday, 17 March 2014

Aircraft spotting in Lincolnshire

Thorpe Camp

Spotting Military Aircraft in Lincolnshire is not as easy as it used to be ,but with a few Air Bases still active and some nice museums its still possible all these were taken within an hour of each other on a visit today .

Beechcraft fron RAF Cranwell
Typhoon and Lightning Mascot at Coningsby

Pair of Typhoons

Typhoons taking off from Coningsby

Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Wheatcroft Collection

 As part of my son's 13th Birthday presents I took him to the Grand Prix collection at Donnington Park and some of Tom Wheatcrofts private collection of restored WW2 vehicles were on display (sadly not the Tiger 1's he owns ) an amazing collection .

on display has found on the Battle of the Bulge area of Belgium

This was uncovered with rthe dead rider still in place on his machine.

I could not believe the size of this I'm 6ft 2" and it towered above me.

If you are interested in seeing some of the Grand Prix collection visit my son's blog

Thanks .