Thursday, 30 September 2010

Sturmovik Commander

Hi  after recently finding these great rules ,I have spoken to Marcin Gerkowicz and he has allowed us to use these rules as part of our fundraising efforts for the Royal British Legion. So the plan for games next year are: Ambush Alley using Britsh and Taliban forces as this year plus ,Force on Force for the Malayan Emergency and World War 2 Aircombat using Sturmovik Commander .Please take a look at this fantastic rule set that is fully supported with extras and scenarios ,a great web site and a yahoo group .

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The Town that never forgets

From Royal British Legion suppporters letter
Sept 2010

" It happened spontaneously. Three years ago a lone Hearse containing a flag-draped coffin passed slowly along Wootton Bassett High street .By chance three men- one of whom is a local British Legion member -were there. They stood to attention.It was only later they discovered it was a fallen soldier who been repatriated at neaby RAF Lyneham .
At the next repatriation the numbers of people payng their respects grew, and so it continued .Now with the numbers of young service men and women who have died whilst defending our freedom in Afghanistan reaching over 320 ,the pavements of this small wiltshire market town are six deep with townspeople paying their repects at each repatriation".

In honour of the towns repatriations The Royal British legion is to open a Field of rememberance dedicated to all those who have lost their lives in Afghanistan.A member of the Royal Family will open the Field of Rememberance on 9th November 2010 inWootten Bassett.

Remember them please support the Royal British Legion .

Friday, 17 September 2010

Britannia Mongoose comparison

Britannia Jackle & Mongoose technical
Britannia Afghans next to a Mongoose technical

The mongoose is slightly slimmer

Side by side

The Mongoose kit kindly sent by Matakishi visit his amazing site

On a recent thread on the Ambush Alley forum it was mentioned that Mongoose publishing was getting rid of some of their ranges, including the battlefield evolution range .I was interested in the technicals that were being sold off at £4.99 for three ,so on the AA forum I asked if any one knew if they 20mm scale , going one better Matakishi sent me three he no longer required ,and here they are , plus some comparison shots with the 20mm Technical sold by Britannia and with some of 20mm afghans and a Jackle also from Britannia . A good match I think.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Raffle update.

Raffle update

* Irregular Miniatures £5.00 gift voucher*
SIGNED COPIES OF ALL AMBUSH ALLEY IN PRINT BOOKS - Ambush Alley - Force on Force - Ambush Valley -Day of the Rangers - Operation Uruzgan - Ambush Z*
Caliver Books- a 5 issue subscription to Battle Games Magazine*
Two Fat Lardies 1 each of : through the mud and the blood -Charlie don't surf -Bag the Hun- Le Fau Sacre*
West Wind have donated 1 of each of:Secrets of the 3rd Reich Rule book-German zombies pack 1-German zombies pack 3 -Doomsday book*
Baccus 5 prizes : 1 x French 1806-1812 army pack- Polemos acw- Polemos Napoleonic- Polemos Franco Prussian war- Polemos Napoleonic companion*
North star 1 x 28mm fallschirmjager 24 figure box set*
Osprey 2x Fields of Glory Renaissance rule book 2 x war of religion*
S&S - 28 mm panzer 4 - 28mm jeep28mm - 75mm howitzer*
Warlord GamesBox set of Waffen ssBox set of Roman VeteransFallschirmjager Tank hunters blisterBox set of Scottish HighlandersBox of ECW cuirrassiersPak 40 blister pack81 mm morter blister pack*
Gripping Beast – 1 x BRIT08 – 1 x ANZAC 08 – 1 x HVA04 – 1 x VIK24
Grubby Tanks 1 x painted 20 mm tiger 11

41 individual Prizes up for grabs.
TICKETS :£1.00 for a strip of five tickets =£1.00 5 chances to win on sale from Wargames Emporium Sheffield store only
John Grayson and myself at clubs and shows etc.
What do you win : what you want you pick be in Wargames Emporium for the draw and if your ticket comes out you pick from the prizes that are left, if you cant be there jot down your first 3 choices and leave with your ticket seller
when and where is the draw Wargames Emporium ,13th November 2010.



Monday, 6 September 2010


A few more pics. top to bottom ,Jedburgh Castle Prison, Craigmiller Castle ,
Part of the Black watch Monument Edinburgh, Loch Leven castle H5VD3PE4MYG5

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Ambush Alley Prizes

Hi pics of the prizes from shawn and Peggy ,each one signed as well .with the osprey editions coming out soon these are real collectors items as well as damn good games.