Wednesday, 29 April 2020

The Warren Percy Affair -a Burrows and Badgers campaign book

Today I recieved the new Burrows and Badgers campaign book and rather nice it is too ,calling it a campaign book is a little unfair as it is much more .`the book itself is a 63 page card backed affair packed with wonderful art work and photos .There is a themed campaign with maps and scenario specific rules ,these new rules have guidlelines on how to use them in a normal  game as  well ,these rules cover such things as traps ,patrolling and worship .There are also rules for some of the "civilian types" made by oathsworn such as the baker shrew and Bar tender Hare plus rules for the Freelancers or beasts for hire and the Shrew Knight , a few new skills are thrown in as well .There is an up todate  FAQ and Errata section and a small teaser on forth coming projects .`for £8. its a bargain and you get the choice of getting a free PDF as well which will be useful for stats etc.10/10
The Cover Art is a taste of the beautiful interior 

 A new figure I couldnt resist Rosalee Quickpaw a ballet Dancing assasin armed with razor sharp fans 

Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Mortal Gods

Being locked up or is it lock down has caused me to stray with the credit card and `I have purchased Mortal Gods from footsore Miniatures ,the game of skirmishing in ancient Greece. I took up their offer of the starter and the 2 expansions available at the moment and `I am really impressed .The core game includes cards dice ,rulers tokens and figures (plastic Vixtrex 28mm ) and a paperback  rule book . Actions are performed after drawing stones from a bag and each hero or companion(s) have aset number of actions they can perform ,each hero or companion as a card with all their details on ,you also get cards that cover gifts from the gods ,these are such things as the ability to move further or be more accurate with a bow .injury cards which may translate your heroes last wound into a injury rather than death and omen cards which may upset the state of your troops by having a flock of birds appear showing good or bad things may happen. Figures are based single if heroes or some troop typres can have single warriors or in formations for liht troops and hopolites the required movement trays and bases are supplied ,the hopolite movement trays can be put together to allow a phalanx to be formed .Combat is achieved by rolling dice that show success with swords or failure with shields and pegasus depict special actions or outcomes

The supplemenst are more of the same but for Sparta and Athens both with specific models ,this time a mix of vicrix plastic and footsore metal figues ,specific cards and more injury dice .

A really nice looking game and I cant wait to play it .

The core game box and rather snazzy rulers

a sample recruitment card

`my first painted figures for the game ,round bases for skirmish troops

triangular bases for troops that can form a phalanx

The add on Spartan rules

The add on for Athens

Monday, 20 April 2020

10 years later .

Just realised that Ive been doing this Blog 10 years today ,hopefully still interesting people in my toys and travels (thats got a ring to it) .10 years ago I would never have thoiught I would be sat at home playing games over the internet while living through a world wide pandemic ,lets hope this awful time passes quickly and we get back to our clubs with old friends and new ones ,mind you I am enjoting this skype gaming ,maybe we can keep it going afterwards .Thanks for reading and hopefully enjoying  stay safe and see you soon .

Sunday, 19 April 2020

Solo Burrows and Badgers

Those nice people at Oathsworn have released free set of solo play rules to help us animal lovers game through the covid pandemic .Tried them out to day great fun and really simple to use ,the game ended a stalemate but only down to my dismal die rolls ,the opponent is doesnt die roll in the solo game so I was at a big disadvantage below are a few pics of the game

Thursday, 16 April 2020

Baba Yaga and the visitor

Im a big fan of the John Wick movies and when spectre operations released a limited Edition figure I snatched one up but did nothing with it until last week when Spectre put up a set of rules for using him in their games .The Baba Yaga rules allow for gun fu ,bullit proof suit and all the other things the Dog Loving ,pencil toting hitman is known for , also finished the Limited Edition Visitor figure seeing as they have also published rules for him as well .
John Wick or Baba Yaga as hes known to the  many dead littering the 3 movies 

A suitably blurred pic of the ET

Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Sharpes -a story of a football hooligans rise through the ranks

Managed to get a lot of my Peninsular war British finished ,based on a certain TV series to take part
Harper & Sharpe leaving the pub
  in the Too Fat Lardies sharp practice rules .Figures amix of Brigade ,warlord and perrys ,building and movement trays by charlie foxtrot ,just need to add the name tags .
The Chosen Men -Hagman ,cooper,Harris,Tongue,Perkins and Kelly 

Sweet William and his Royal American Rifles

Hawkswill and a few of the South Essex

Hogan mounted and dismounted


Major Dunnett

 A few more 95th 

Monday, 13 April 2020

Solo Zombies -

Been playing with my self again -titter not madam , solo wargaming this time using a fun free add on for Spectre Operations with zombies providing the enemy ather than the usual rebels and insurgents. A quick fun game using alot of old figures I had laying around ,will play again just need to use more scenery plus had to use zombie dogs as didnt have enough "normal " zombies to hand .

Noise markers bring the zombies running

Add caption

last stand 

used trained tier for the police straight from the main book

our starting heroes

5 zombies to start plus a d6 which of course was a 6 

should have read the headlines