Friday, 31 January 2014

Cold War Gone Hot january painting

A poor turn out for the cold war ,got lots undercoated and blocked out but only this Aitfix Landy made it the full distance . A nice little kit which will be making an appearance in my1980's cold war gone hot games  .

Witchfinder General January painting

Young Megan & Stickler Mitchell ,the first figure releases from Dashing Dice games to go with their brilliant Witch Finder General rule set .

Ronin january painting

Another four figures from the Northstar Ronin set ,the final 7 samurai figure (did 2 earlier see earlier post)and another 2 ronin make up the full set got the last ones under coated and flesh filled in .

Dr Who january painting

Only finished three figures from my Dr Who /7tv lead pile   L-R  Rose Tyler  .The 1st Dr and Captain Jack . the middle figure is from Black Tree the others are crooked dice.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Devils with Wings

After reading Harvey Blacks red effect and Black effect I got a hooked on the authors work and bought the Devils with Wings the first part of a ww2 trilogy following fictional members of the Green Devils ,the German Fallschirmjager . The first book is set in Poland and Belgium and covers historical actions at the start of the second world war from the view point of the fictional characters ,although not as well written or as Gripping as the cold war books by Mr Black (this was his first book ) it is still a very good read and I have ordered the next 2 instalments. Very enjoyable 8/10

Thursday, 16 January 2014

My 1st Game of 2014

the Sopwith Triplane blast the rumpler
 My first war-game of 2014 was Wings of Glory ,the dastardly hun (me) had three of his cowardly pilots blown out of the sky whilst attempting to down a observation balloon .The righteous pilots of the British Commonwealth (Leo ) ,though out numbered fought gallantly and blew the Hun from the sky and even though trailing smoke they made it back home in time for tea and crumpets (well coke and Chinese actually ). A good fun game that hopefully will be the first of many games this year and hopefully my last loss .
another shot of the same action

The final hun fighter moves in for the kill ,which ended in fritz being blown apart 

the boys head back to the drome

trailing smoke ready for his pancake roll and noodles

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

East Midlands Aero park

As part of my Birthday treats ,I was taken to the Aero park museum near Donnington Park .A really interesting place run by very helpful and pleasant volunteer staff with a nice collection of post war Air Craft some of which you can gain access to dependent on weather and which volunteers are on duty . For  those interested in civil aircraft the Aero park has a viewing area almost touching the main runway at East Midlands Airport so plenty of takeoff and landing pics if thats your thing .A very modest entrance fee made it grey value ,not the largest museum ,but a nice selection of exhibits with plans to add items and a nice selection of models on display most of which were donated to the Aero Park recently by the family of one of the regular visitors when he sadly passed away . A small but well stocked shop with lots of second hand books and magazines as well .

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Zvesda Soviet Motorized Infantry

the set 
 I purchased a pack of the Zvesda 1/72 scale soviet infantry from the Wargames Emporium as I knew I was a few figures short for my Cold War Gone Hot project and hoped they would be ok hidden away with the metal figures I already had . Well I wish I had seen these first ,they are really nice figures , I can't remember the price as I bought them with a lot of other stuff but I have seen them on line for between £2.50 and £3.00 a pack .The pack contains 5 figures which is a section in the rules I use there are 2 rifle men a rpg and a lmg ,the figures all wear body armour .The set come with separate bases (except the omg )or a squad base for the Zvesda rule system ,the rpg base  comes with extra rockets and a  Ak47 .The box claims they do not require glue and thats true a nice snap together system which does work ,they needed a bit of cleaning where they were attached to the sprue but other wise went together very quickly , the snap together does mean that you cannot change the poses I am not a great modeller but would think it would be a major job to try and get some different poses other than the intended ones. The set comes with a very clear instruction sheet and a card for zvesdas own game system .The company also produce vehicles and aircraft for the game but the vehicles are 1/100 ,the Aircraft 1/144 and the infantry 1/72nd .
a poor picture showing the rpg base

comparison with Elhiem
another Elhiem and Zvesda comparison 

Thursday, 2 January 2014

This years plans

This year I am going to attempt to :
Finish off my Cold War Gone Hot Project .                     
Finish off my Zulu War project . 
Add a little more to my Witch Finder General stuff .
Finish my WW1 Project 
Complete my 7tv Bond cast
Complete my 7tv Tarzan cast
Complete my zombie project 
Complete the Dr Who stuff I have in my pile Before buying more
Paint all the FIW stuff I have before buying more
finish my Ronin 
finish my ww2 germans .
Finish my Saga Vikings
Make and buy more terrain to suit above projects 

Not to get involved in anything else 

Play more games at home, club and shows . 

I am going to update this every month and try to get some thing done in each ,even if its only basing or gluing together