Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Wednesday Night Gaming -7TV2 Star Wars

Had a great game of 7tv 2nd edition last night using the free star wars supplement . The scenario was basically the escape one from the rule book with the added story of teh AT AT had been disabled and certain items (objective tokens) needed scavening from the wreckage ,It was really good fun with the countdown cards and gadgets adding loads of moans and groans along the way ,The dark side won basically I was going to do a more in depth report but got so involved didnt jot down all the info and forgot to take turn by turn pics .Figures are hero clix ,mat by Urbanmatz ,rules 7tv .

Pre game story -the AT AT under attack

pilot eyes view

My forces 

a very slow advance 

thats gotta hurt 

Luke and is Dad have afall out 

your not going to sneak up on Solo in that 

Monday, 28 March 2016

Anzac Platoon HQ

Just finished my Platoon HQ for Ambush Valley a mix of RH and Brittania figures . The HQ consisits of officer ,Nco , medic RTO and a scout/runner .

L-R Medic ,Officer,RTO,NCO Scout

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Anzac armour W.I.P

At Triples iIvisited the Grubby Tank stand to complain about the quality of the vehicles i had ordered from them and asked to inspect the next ones I wanted to finish my units off ,they admitted that a lot of their resin was not up to scratch but they now had a  new moulding processes ,I had alook and the 2 centurions I wanted were a lot better the M1113's with Gage Turrets were out of stock but I took a gamble and paid for 2 to be delivered ,again they were a lot better but not as good as the centurions and still needed a bit of filling . Work in progress pics below of the models to give me a force of 4 Centurions and 4 M113's for the Battle of Binh Ba .Also a pic of the 1st finished M113 ,theFoul Boy took part in many actions in Nam .
The last 6 Armoured Vehicles for Binh Ba 

Foul Boy 

Sunday, 13 March 2016

RH Models -Australian S.A.S

When `i ordered my Ambush Valley Australian infantry off of Rolf at RH models I also ordered apack of each of his SAS for nam as well ,they are as always lovely ,they are in 3 packs ,one has 9 figures with different headgear and Rifles and smg's ,the second contains 3 with M203 grenade launchers an the last has 2 LMG's .The 9 figure pack is my favourite one chap has asterling with silencer another has a M79 grenade launcher in one hand and ashotgun across his chest , a alot of the figures I thinmk were inspired by the Anzacs in Nam osprey . Again as always there is little or no flash and the figures are full of character .


OZSAS-9 figures with mix of weapons .



Wednesday, 9 March 2016

wednesday night gaming -Cursus Honorum 11

Went to Sheffield wargames Society gameless last night but on arriving was offered the chance by John Armatys to take part in the dry run of wargames developments Triples participation game ,Cursus Honorum 11, now I have played the Cursus Honorum 111 card game but this was almost aroman version of monopoly . The game is wonderful ,again a game of possible promotion through the Roman society with plenty of chances to get honour and ramk by either being loved by the people or being down right dirty (that would be me then ) .The game took about 35-40 minutes to play with 6 players ,4 of whom had not played before we all picked it up really quickly and had a great time ,especially me has not only was I first around the board but I won with an amazingly high score .If you are at Triples look out for this and take half an hour out to play it at least once ,highly recommended plus I also understand John and his team will be offering a discount on WD membership ,even though I am running a game I am hoping to take time out to play again .

My game card just before my last flurry of gaining lots of honour and dignity 

John (wearing the laurels )and Dave look on in amazement as I do a victory parade  around Rome 

Monday, 7 March 2016

Deutschland 83

I purhased some cold war Bundeswehr figures about 2 years ago from Elheim  and after watching the C4 drama Deutschland 83 and then a request by Tim Gow to borrow some of my cold war toys I was spurred on to get them painted ,not a complete wargames unit I still need a command group and a couple of Milans plus marders or M113s depending on year Im playing but a nice start I am sure they will stand side by side with my Brits

.A couple of pics below but i will take some better ones later .

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Wednesday Night gaming-Terminator

Had our 2nd game of Terminator last night ,1st game with all the rules and really enjoyed it (I won ) ,this tme i played the resistance and John ran the Terminator infiltrator which caused havoc and went through my forces like aknife through hot butter until alucky shot took him down just as all seemed lost . The game from Warlord is very good has the flavour of the movies and has agood support from Warlord .
The resistance waits ,the sniffer dog starts getting edgy 

The infiltrator advances 

not used in this game but had to show old Arney 

kyle Reese and Johhn Conner again not used but nice figure all belong to John Grayson