Wednesday, 23 December 2015

A happy raffle Winner

I am always happy when I see the raffle prizes put to good use ,and was really pleased when the winner of the Poppy tea cosy and tea pot said he would use them ,how ever Tim either has a really  strange shaped Tea pot or he has found a use for the tea cosy that wasnt planned ?

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Wednesday Night Gaming - Muskets & Tomahawks

A 3 player game with John running the French forces
1 x regular officer
10 x Marines
6x coureurs de Bois
1 x Indian Chief
2 x 6 figure Indians

Ian played the Provisionals
1 x officer
2 x 6 figure units

and I played the Rangers who started off table
1 x officer
2 x6 figure units
4x indians

The side plots were :
John = truce
Ian = The Hostage
Me= Romance
All the officers were pretty much restricted by the side plots and when my Rangers came on table they stumbled straight into the Hurons and a bloody battle started .The game saw huge casualties on both sides with both Moral cards coming into play .The British won the game but we ll won our side plots .Everyone enjoyed the game and it caused alot of interest with other club members .

Monday, 14 December 2015

December painting

When i find that my desire to paint goes away i find jut grabbing afew figures at random gets me interested again ,so here are the chaps I turned out in December ,I wanted to finish the frostgrave gang the others helped me along .
Galloping Major Hurons

Warlord/Conquest Last of mohican characters 

7TV Big Jock and Major Twat 

NNC from Warlord

Assorted Brits from Empress

and finally my frostgrave boys . 

Thursday, 10 December 2015

blindbegger miniatures

I would just like to say a big thanks to Paul at Blindbegger for sponsoring our 2015 Raffle for the Royal British legion ,Puals company is so new it doesnt have a website yet but heres a link to his recent kick starter where you can see some of his miniatures . Thanks again Paul .

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

S&S Models

One of our long time sponsors for our raffles to support the British Legion is Shaun of S&S Models      . S&S make a superb range of 20mm vehicles ,terrain and figures specialising in moderns and they also do a nice collection of 15mm and 28mm vehicles and terrain .I personally have a huge amount of their 20mm cold war stuff (my faves are the land rover reccies ) and can only say good things about the products and service ,I once emailed Shaun asking if he did a peak turret for my Fv 432's and he replied immediatly saying no but would make one about an hour later I had another email saying they would be ready in a couple of days and sure enough they were !! . One really good section of the S&S line are the add on's for die casts and plastic kits that allow you to build those odd vehicles you just cant get . If you look through my earlier posts on the cold war you will see some of the S&S stuff and Shaun has told me that 2016 will see lots of cool stuff coming out including even more vehicles and crew figures so keep a eye on the website  Thanks Shaun .

Saturday, 5 December 2015

British Legion Raffle -last update

Today is the day ,the draw will take place in the War games Emporium Orchard square Sheffield at 1pm  tickets will be on sale there up until the draw begins on line they will on sale until 11am (you can still donate after that time but ticket sales stop at 11am ). A massive thanks to al the donators and to all the people who have bought tickets good luck if you bought on line and won I will contact you tomorrow .See you there

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Wednesday Night Gaming-They come unseen

My secong go at the new Osprey game  ,this time I played NATO .My 2 subs were tasked with destroying 4 Russian bases whilst avoiding there destroyers and transport fleet ,and even though I very nearly misjudged my battery use and had to surface at the crucial moment I managed my objectives .A very nice game with a
The NATO Hiddenn Board

A sonar sweep almost caught me 
bit of tension when one of the Ruskie destroyers started a sonar sweep which my sub managed to stay 1 square clear of for 3 turns until I was pinged but still managed to sneak away and cause devastation. A great game which is also one of the prizes in this saturdays raffle draw at the Wargames Emporium talking of which the guys at Sheffield Wargames society bought a few tickets last night , they might win the entry tickets to Triples which they donated a few weeks ago ,Good luck every one .