Tuesday, 23 July 2019

King Goodwill Zwelithini KaBhekuzulu's visit to Brecon

I was extremely lucky to get down to Brecon this past weekend for 4 days for King Goodwills visit to Brecon with some of his family and Royal Ambutho .Whilst there I met up with Ian Knight who introduced me to Kate Birbeck who very nicely signed my copy of her book " Rifle and Spear with the Zulu ,I also managed a behind the scenes visit to the South Wales Borderers Museum who for the next month have their genuine collection of zulu war VC's on display. The King sat and watched various bands and choirs and talks from Ian Knight ,Mike Snook ,JohnYoung and Jabulani Maphalala and then the A coy 24th foot re enactors took on the Kings Amabutho in a recreation of Isandlwana all very noisy and well put together . The Zulus were quite mischievous as well they drowned out one of the welsh choirs with their war chants as in the movie zulu then during the reenactment they stole the colours before the battle ,afterwards as walked back to our hotel the Zulus layed siege to a group of terrified boy racers who tried to drive through them . A great weekend and I even managed to track down some more graves of Rorkes Drift Defenders which I will put in another post .

on gaurd in and around the museum

The Zulus were great spending alot of time with passer byes 

The Royal Welsh Band

The Colour Party 

The Zulus start to take over the event

The CaldicotMale Voice Choir attempt to outsing the Zulus ,they lost

The Zulus trying to get an early victory

excellent show from A Coy 

Mike Snook

The KIngs praise giver 

The King 

His Senior Indians

Ian J Knight 

Professor Maphalala 

King Goodwill excepts his warriors salute

The  BRits relax around Isandlwana 

The Zulu Scouts advance 

Sneaky bilghters got very close

The Main Impi waits

The Right Horn encircles the camp undetected 

a clash of warriors 

Both fall gallantly 

Prepare to fire 

The Zulus start to take casualties 

The Left Horn smashes into the British Flank 

Its all over

Time to save the colours gentlemen 

John Young

Lowering the national flags