Saturday, 30 September 2017

7TV box set reprint

The amazing 7TV starter set is being reprinted and the there are special offers available so you can get off to a great start
Theres aspecial price on the game but ann amazing deal on the box set and 2 starter casts as well .

Sunday, 24 September 2017

HUSH -a secret lair

Been hard at work on a secret lair for my 7TV bond games .Im happy with the very slow progress so thought I would post some work in progress shots as with all good villains i will show you my secrets then pop round to kill you slowly by shark or laser beam ,still abit of work to do but you can see whats what .
A view from above 

Mr Blofeld welcomes you 

computer room 

Missiles ready to launch , still needs some painting to finish off 

private quaters for any self respecting evil genius

lab with imprisoned scientists

stores ready to blow up .....

another shot of it all

close up of the computer lots of cctv of Bond ,John Steed ,and other 60,s stuff

Wednesday, 13 September 2017


Tonights game was a rematch of Batman v the league of Shadows and Batman got his ass kicked in a royal fashion .
a pregame auto show -my collection of batmobiles 

turn 1

Green Arrow takes along shot -and misses as he did with every shot he made

Batman about to die horribly 

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Ambush Alley -back to basics

I have always been massive fan of Ambush Alley ,I own every edition and supplement produced and was a point man doing demos for the game around the UK and they very kindly supported my charity fund raising .Well as we wait for the new version to be released we decided to go back to basics using the original AA rules and doing the basic scenario contractor trouble .A briliant game we all enjoyed it , the Marines scoring a 15 to 6 points hard fought victory victory over the insurgents .
the table before deployment

The marines move up 

the rescue

fighting their way out 

a drones view of the final turn