Tuesday, 1 June 2021

A bit of Bank Holiday Gaming

 What could be better a lovely bank holiday ,taking along weekend from work and owning the caravan next to your wargaming buddy ,manged to get three quick games in ,John brought a new card game ( new to Us)Fortresses and Clans a nice card game based on the siege of afamntasy castle really good fun ,and I took stuff to plat the Pulp Alley scenario DEAD RISE we managed two quick games of this using my Hot Fuzz figures against the zombie hoards ,again great fun nice to get some actual gaming in . Figures bt Hasslefree ,studio and footsore amongst others ,trees from Northstar ,tents etc by Mantic

Wednesday, 26 May 2021

BelloLudi WW1 Skirmish Rules

Getting back on my Wargaming feet after along illness and some very intense training programmes fpor work ,I have started to look at the armies I have almost finished and what I am going to do with them.So my WW1 late war Germans and Brits are almost complete and I have been reading through the Too Fat Lardies "through the mud and the Blood" which I do like the look of ,when I saw aadvertisement for a set from BelloLudi in the Netherlands so jumping in after vasking afew promptly answered questions on the face book page I ordered the starter set of rule book ,command Dice and command cards .These arrived very quickly 5 days from ordering to dropping on my door mat including a weekend at that. The rule book is a A5 soft backed setthe first 13 pages contain the introduction and main rules ,pages 14-24contain optional rules for smoke ,gas ,defences ,tanks,aircraft ,troop quality ,pretty much anything you can think of.They are nicley produced and being aimed at new players contain nice clour pics of what I call wargames standard painted armies not the wonderful works of art that most rule books contain which are above the painting skills of most of us .They are aimed at 28mm using forces of around 30 plus a side but can manage larger smaller game sizes with 2 or multi player games ,they even say solo .They contain some nice touches such as the command dice which are multi sided but only numbered 0-1-2-3 and B ,B takes you to ablunder chart which effects your orders ,the optional cards allow yoou to play havoc with your opponants army .The QRS sheet is inside the back cover but you can download a copy of this and all other useful stuff fromthe BelloLudi website ,for a set of rules I had never heard of until last week I am impressed and cant wait to try them out.

Thursday, 13 May 2021

Flags of War Jacobite Rebellion third Kickstarter

Just recieved my pledge for the Final Jacobite rebellion kick starter ,this one included things like artillery for both sides ,baggots Hussars ,Irish Piquets ,North British Fusiliers ,rude highlanders and other bits to compliment a fantastic range . Again really nice figures and superb service a bit sad its the end of the range but I still have lots of figures from the previous KS's to finish so maybe a good thing . I will post some pics of the figures once I get chance .

The best bit free sweeties and stickers 

The free flags I chose for this KS

3 of the character figures 

and the rest of the box

Tuesday, 27 April 2021

the three flavour cornetto trilogy -Pt2

 Continuing on from my last post Ive done another three characters from the Edger wright movies ,The two Andys from Hot Fuzz dressed for the attack on somerfields store and Ed from Shaun of the Dead .All Hasslefreefigures 

Ed checking his phone for the latest deal 

Andy wainwright

Andy cartwright

Thursday, 22 April 2021

The Three Flavour Cornetto Trilogy -Part One

I am a great fan of the Edgar Wright Films ,Shaun of the Dead ,Hot Fuzz and Worlds end starring Simon Pegg and Nick frost , collectively konown as the the flavour cornetto trilogy due to the joke in Shaun where Nick Frosts character use a cornetto as a hangover cure ,although they have nothing in common other than Pegg ,frost and edgar wright thye are classed as a trilogy and have cult status now , the two mian actors plating different characters have fought zombies , a cult and an alien invasion .I plan to get all the main characters covered for Pulp alley ,7TV and last days ,Below are the first 3 I've finished , Peggs Nicholas Angel and Shaun and Frosts Danny Butterman .All hasslefree miniatures

Pc Angel

Pc Butterman


Saturday, 10 April 2021

Burrows and Badgers -My last batch painted for now

Well I love everything about Burrows and Badgers ,a fantastic fun game ,superb figures ,purpose built scenery ,regular free on line magazine new stuff coming out on a regular basis and custmer service that is hard to equal probably impossible to beat .I have just painted my last batch of figures so i have 60 based and painted out of I think 124 in the range so far,you dont need them all but I know I will end upwith them all and was deciding what to have next when up pops the next kickstarter so I went in for the whole thing again so another 30 animals on the way .This Kickstarter covers "normal" types plus witch hunters and wrairhs and such stuff ,here are Pictures of my last batch all lovely figure but my two favourites are the WildCat Hustler and the Siamese Seeress Apinya ,with the mouse battle dancer coming in close behind .

The  seeress and the Barkeep ,sounds like a country song ,the barkeep is full of character wooden leg and a chest full of medals 

Battle Dancer Mouse and Buccaneer Rat 

WildCat Hustler

The gang together in our garden posed in front of a  fairy  house.

Monday, 5 April 2021

Last days -Zombie Apocalypse -solo

 Had afew sparehours after slaving away in the garden so got Last Days out and played a solo game . Still not a 100% happy with these but they do play better solo than competative .

WPC Bill poor dear lost an eye 

Jo and the Doc got away unarmed

John the Leader had a few near misses

Sean the soldier and Carl the survivalist didnt do much

My Favourite Zombie the guy in a chicken suit

Figures are a mix of Hasslefree, studio miniatures ,Northstar , Blacktree, footsore  and zombiecide mat by Urbanmatz

Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Mantic Games Terrain Crate

Having been playing 28mm Skirmish games recently the need for lots of terrain is amust so I ahve made acouple of largish purchases ,the first one is a terrain crate from Mantic games ,I grabbed it in their recent sale which saved me about £20 and included some bits that are normally not on sale .The crate in question is a sturdy cardboard box ideal for storing the terrain items .There are about 4 different crates ,the one I purchased was Campbell Heights which represents items you might find in and around a small town . The box is made up of 4 different sets plus a few items that were kick starter only giveaways ,the sets seperatly are around the £25 mark ,the crate set me back £79. so a bit of a saving plus the extra freebies.The sets are Two Trees Mall ,which contains ,shelves and various goods to display , magazine and clothes racks ,counters and cash registers , vending machines ,seats ,ATM's and lots of other bits. Next is Survivors stronghold which represents things found in old warehouses and factories that would be useful after the apocolypse .Next up is my favourite set Crystal peaks Campsite which contains some tents of various sizes ,sleeping bags ,camp fire picnic stuff ,camp chaiers and play ground bits ,there is also adestroyed tent and shredded sleeping bag , finally Abandoned office contains awierd mix of desks ,computers ,forklift truck ,bath ,wc;s etc .All nice quality and sturdy should add a bit of scenery to a lot of my pulp and modern games .

Thursday, 18 March 2021

More 60's Tv

 Finished afew more figures for Pulp Alley and 7TV based on 1960s ITV shows ,more for the nAvengers in the shape of Mother Brilliantly portrayed by Patrick Newell ,the Cybernaut a top villain that made 3 apperances in total ,Paul Beresford ,the Cybernauts creators brother out for revenge played by Peter Cushing .The next one is Roger Moores Simon Templar and finally the flamboyant Jason King played by Peter Wyngarde ,King had his own series and was also featured in Department S .Figures from Artizan and Crooked Dice

Do what Mother says