Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Wings of Glory

Always enjoyed playing Wings of Glory (wings of war as it used to be ) ready painted models , easy game play that can become more advanced as you wish ,no die rolls and its great fun ,only down side is that some of the models now fetch stupid prices and both the original and new manufacturers never seem to produce enough stuff. Over all a fantastic game  and with a brilliant fan forum Wings of Glory Aerodrome a must for any players.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Pulp alley update 2

still keeping with the lost world theme ,but had already started a few figures for 7TV but lost heart with the rules so will be using these as a pulp alley second project ,a league based on 60's Tv heroes here we have John Steed and Mr's Peel and a couple of generic 60's vehicles they will be backed up by simon templer and one or two  more ...

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Pulp Alley project up date 1

Jungle bases and 2 dino's
 Well to keep up the momentum I thought I would post my meagre progress so far ...
A 28mm figure for comparison

Ape ..a big Ape

Mighty Joe sneaks up on Dr Watson

Monday, 7 January 2013

Witchfinder General Project

Another project for 2013 is Witchfinder General days of revelation by Dashing Dice Games .a set of rules set in the 17th century dealing with witchfinders ,witches,demons, vampires and all sorts of horrible things ,I have got 90% of the figures required either in my existing stock with Warlord ECW plastics and some very old figures I cant even remember buying other than they were for a Cthulu campaign I ran many years ago and some new bits from Heresey miniatures .Scenery will be a mix of buyildings for ecw and darkages from 4Ground.
A list of figures :
witches -some of the classic witches from Rapier
Witchfinder -Not sure yet still looking matbe a ECW officer will stand in for now
Witchfinder and Blinder pikes,muskets and cavalry all warlord plastics.
Werewolfs -A mix from Heresy ,and older ones from?
Notelinger-some old figures I picked up possibly scratchbuilt ?
Barquests - Hersey miniatures (pictured on my workbench)
vampires -Heresey and west wind
villegers - possibly warlord and black hat
 Barquests from Heresey

Again I will try and post regular updates on all my projects to keep me painting ?

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Pulp Alley project

In an attempt to get projects finished ,I am going to keep weekly ?(regularish ) updates on my ongoing projects ,the first is my pulp game ,I have always wanted to do this but never found the rules for me ,well thats changed with pulp alley hitting the market so here goes.Going to base the adventures in an lost world /darkest africa style setting so various groups have been ordered , Tarzan and jane etc from Nortstar along with some cannibals ,assorted  white hunters and animals ,giant apes and dinosaurs from many sorces and on the look out for temples etc .Will post pics of figures as they arrive and work in progress shots hopefully this will keep me painting building etc .
The rules are downloaded and read and I highly reccomend them and there is a great forum on line as well.