Thursday, 22 November 2012

Little wars

Even though I have a dozen projects on the go I am becoming more interested in Britains little wars of the 50's and 60's Aden ,Malya (started this and shelved it ) etc. The force on Force rules and the upcoming supplement and seeing things like this(above) are not helping me to resist another lead pile ....A life size diorama at IWM Duxford depicting an action in Aden.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

A great weekend

Hi just a thank you to every one who helped in what ever way with our raffle last weekend. Every thing went well although the royal mail caused us a few nightmares, all but one of the confirmed donators supplied wonderful prizes and we had two last minute donations as well.

Ambush Alley Games
Elheim Miniatures
Ground Zero Games
Battle Flag
Kan Doo Painting Services
Sheffield Wargames Society
Rogue Miniatures
Too Fat Lardies
Gripping Beast
Osprey Publishing
S&S Models
Galloping Major

All the above for donating fantastic prizes and just being great people who offered support in many ways.

First Corps who donated without informing me they were and the parcel arrived after the event so sadly have missed out on all the advertising but I will auction the fantastic donations from them and add it to the total raised this year thank you First Corps for your help and sorry I have  not included you before

Wargames Emporium Sheffield
A special thanks to John and Eric for their massive support through the year and selling tickets and giving us a great home to run games and events from.
(please remember this is the real Wargames Emporium based in Sheffield and Mansfield not another company thats using their name )

John Grayson who helped me run games at various events around England and does other tasks as my joint point man and fund raiser

Elaine Winter for undying support and doing loads of work to help

Tim Gow for his support and praise and great ideas

Ian Goadsby for his help at Triples and other things (remember the Italians )

and every one who donated cash or bought tickets through this last year .

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Todays the Day and last minute donation (update )

Today is the day of our RBL raffle draw and the pressures on thanks to the Royal Mail a couple of parcels in sorting offices ,But a last minute donation is from Dave Parsons figure painting service who has donated a voucher worth £20. Thanks Dave and all the other people who have made this a fantastic year prize wise .

Well thanks to the post offices hard work I got the parcel in time although it looked like it had been on the somme the packaging almost didnt exist any more but as least we have the fantastic rules from Too Fat Lardies ,although slightly different to the original list .
we are just waiting for part of the AAG packs as already mentioned.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Gripping Beast

The lucky winner of the Gripping Beast prize for this year will recieve one of the new 4pt saga sets when they are released next friday.

Wargames Development

I have enjoyed playing games by Tim Gow at SWGS for a long time and was talked into joining Wargames Development by Mr Gow earlier this year and I must say that the modest membership fee was well worth it I have already spent many hours reading items from the Nugget and must encourage people that like fun in their wargames to join WD or at least track down MR Gow and his band of merry men at wargames shows to try out a game ,YOU WILL BE HOOKED .

Thursday, 8 November 2012

underfire miniatures

Another update The parcel from  Underfire miniatures has just arrived and they have donated a selection of their lovely figures from Helmand 2010 range .
The Elusive Force on Force Bag and contents this plus the army packs make the best prize we have ever been able to offer in our raffles the tomorrow war will be similier I think other than themain  rules .As stated the lucky winners can pick up their army packs on Saturday and the bags as soon as they arrive.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Raffle update Ambush Alley Prizes

Due to a problem with the postal services it is very doubtful that the two packs from AAG games will be with us in time for saturdays draw, I have recieved both sets  of figures so the lucky winners  can take those away on the day and the rules etc can be collected as soon as they arrive with me ,How they will be collected will be sorted out on saturday .
Still plenty of time to buy tickets they are on sale at Wargames emporium Sheffield Branch and at Sheffield wargames Society Wed 7th November and Sheffield and Rotherham club on Thurs 8th nov ,every penny goes directly to the Royal British Legion so dig deep
 Thank You

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Forest of Dean

 Recently had a few days away in the Forest of Dean ,lots to see and do in the Forest and in the Towns and villages tha the Forest surrounds.

If any one wants a fantastic few days away this is a great place , if you need a B&B please let me know and I will drop you a link

Friday, 2 November 2012

Ground Zero Games /Tomorrows war

Hi the figures for the Tomorrows war pack from Ambush Alley Ground Zero Games have arrived they are :

The first full production releases for the Official TOMORROW'S WAR 15mm range! We are launching EIGHT packs in the first wave - our normal 8-figure packs with 2 each of 4 different sculpts in each pack - four each for both the DPRG (Democratic Peoples' Republic of Glory) and RANG (Republic of Arden National Guard):

TW15-RA01    RANG rifles pack A (8 figs, 4 different poses)
TW15-RA02    RANG rifles pack B (8 figs, 4 different poses)
TW15-RA03    RANG SAW gunners (8 figs, 4 different poses)
TW15-RA04    RANG MRAWs and Snipers (8 figs, 4 different poses)

TW15-DP01    DPRG rifles pack A (8 figs, 4 different poses)
TW15-DP02    DPRG rifles pack B (8 figs, 4 different poses)
TW15-DP03    DPRG SAW gunners (8 figs, 4 different poses)
TW15-DP04    DPRG RPGs and Snipers (8 figs, 4 different poses)

All TW15 packs are £3.60 each inc. VAT (£3.00 ex VAT for non-EU customers)

The above is from GZG webstore any one not wanting to chance their luck on the raffle draw can get them from GZG direct I will post a pic of the packs and what else is in the joint prize when the other bits wing there way in from Peggy inn  the USA.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Battle Flag

Those nice chaps at Battle Flag have confirmed whats in the pack of Prize donations they have popped in the post for us:
1.Sheriff & Gallows
 2. Paint Tray Vallejo
 3. Paint Tray Citadel/ Humbrol
 4. Saloon & Transfer

Some more amazing prizes take a look at the Battle flag web site to see the items in the "Flesh" and then buy those raffle tickets for a chance to win .