Friday, 29 January 2021

Haunted Forest

had these a while now but finally got round to doing them ,the plastic haunted forest set from Northstar ,I bought the special offer set which includes 12 trees ,6 stumps and  6 sets of mushrooms plus a few fantasy faces , They come as one piece mouldings with no flash ,the tree faces are seperate and I have used a couple of these but without them the treees could easily be used an awestern front batttlefield for WW1. A great set of scenary I have shown the 28mm shaggy and scooby as aguide to the scale of the pieces

Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Some scenic items

Seeing as alot of my Games of Pulp Alley ,7TV ,last days and others will be set in the UK from the 1960;s up to modern times i thought i would dig out these bits I have had for years and get the done ,nice little items all I think were Black cat bases stuff


Sunday, 24 January 2021

The Battle of PotsNPans -A Burrows and Badgers game

 Got the B&B stuff out for the Grandkids today a great game with a very rough link to the Jacobite Rebellion .The Scots led by Bonnie Prince Snarlie a Highland Terrior take on the Government troops of the Duke of Slumberland  .

The Duke of Slumberland and his Government Mercenaries

Bonnie Prince Snarlie and Clan McBeastie prepare for battle .

The game was a close run thing , Slumberlland took a few wounds and legged it after losing one of his group ,The Clan took 3 objectives and the Government took 2 , a few pictures below.

All figures Oathsworn ,Buildings the official Sarissa range other than the Castle ruins which are an aquarium piece ,mats by Loke 

Saturday, 23 January 2021

A couple Of Horrors

 Finished a couple of figures I have had for about 4 years at least ,both Heresey miniatures The Manbat ,based on the movie Bram Stokers Dracula a really nice 3 part figure that has a wonderful pose and the other a Werewolf this is a 5 part kit and builds into a quite large figure the pose makes me think it should be chasing a huge bouncing ball or a thrown stick .

Fetch Boy

Sunday, 17 January 2021

Scooby Doo and the Monsters

I  am still not a 100% health wise so not been doing much but I aahd promised my Grandkids a game involving Scooby Doo , so I put a small game of Pulp Alley on for them whilst they have moved in with us . A great game that we all enjoyed and using the horror rules made it even better for them ,with some very appropriate cards being drawn ,Scooby and Shaggy moved from building to building stumbling over the plot points whilst the rest of the gang took on the bad guys .A slim victory for the Monsters though .Figures of the gang by Hasslefree ,mystery machine is a corgi diecast .Dracula and the brides arebad squiiddo ,the other monsters are miniatures I have had years ,I think the Creature is a Black tree not sure about the Werewolf, map bools by Loke Battle Mats

The Gangs all here

And the bad guys tonight are...

He said I only married them all because `i thought it was big of me (bygamy get it :-) )

Sunday, 3 January 2021

Blofelds field trip , A james Bond scenario for Pulp Alley

 first off Happy New Year to you all , My first game of 2021 was asolo pulp alley game ,I am still not feeling any where near a 100% so justkept the game simple to get used to the mechanisms and see what I thought . The game is greata nd the solo rules work really well using a special solo deck of cards and taking complete control of one side or league as they are called in the game and the cards and simple rules guide the other . My home grown scenario was for Blofeld and the bad guys to find and capture a scientist in his south american hideaway and Bond and his small group to stop them . Went well Blofeld found the Prof straight away and while he and Nick Nack persauded the scientist to join their palns for world domination ,Jaws and a gang of boiler suited minions kept watch for any inerfearing good guys . Bond ,Felix Leiter and Anja Amasova arrived and then things went wrong for the good guys ,Bond and Felix both drew cards that prevented them doing much but our KGB heroine went straight into action ,sadly staright into the arms of Jaws and made a sudden departure ,maybe to return in the sequel .Anjas sudden demise pushed Bond and his CIA friend into a flurry of vengeful action , the first to feel the wrath of our intrepid agents was Jaws , no easy task it took both good guys to empty their guns into him before the Giant fell . Meanwhile Blofeld ,nick nack and the prof had got into the geta way car but Nick Nack had trouble reaching the pedals and was stuck for a while , whilst Bond quickly took care of the gang of minions ,Felix advanced to stop the baddies from leaving and has poor nick nack found the keys to the car felix took some well aimed shots putting the vehicle out of action . The car caught fire and blofeld and Nick nack escaped leaving the poor boffin to his fate ,howeevr in an heroic act our side kick Felix rescued him from the wreck adn Bond sent our little villain to the great fantasy island in the dky while securely capturing Blofeld . ( who will probably escape from custody for another attempt at world domination). below are some pics I took .Figures are all crooked dice ,buildings charlie foxtrot ,cars assorted 1/43 scale die casts .Table from Urban matz and mat is aWarlord one they sold for Dr Who .

The Villains vehicles o ut the Scientists home

Bond and Felix arrive 

the good guys

the bad guys 

a few who didnt make this adventure

Blofeld and Nick Nack takfk to the prof and about their great  pension plan 


Whoops that went wrong