Thursday, 27 February 2020

Wednesday night gaming

This week at Sheffield wargames Society , in our quest to play everything we own , John dug out Star Wars risk , nice game which went back and forth until I had run out of cannon fodder , I was annoyed when I found out if I had pressed on at my first target I could have won on turn 3 . Next week Bag the Hun will be the game .

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Monty Python , William Wallace the Headless corpses and Dracula -My recent travels

 Our first trip was to a Beautiful snowy Scotland but after a couple of days the weather cleared and we visited Stirling Castle the Wallace memorial ,Doune Castle famous for Monty Python and the Holy Grail ,The David Stirling Memorial and Many other places .

The road to our lodge 

Doune Castle

we laugh in your general direction ...

We also visited Stirling Castle , Bannockburn and the Wallace tower ,thankfully they removed the Mel Gibson statue due to vandalism and replaced it with the proper one .
Very windy up here but amazing views

North Yorkshire 
We also stayed in Whitby for a few days ,on the way we visited Wharram Percy a abandoned medieval village , suposedly the land ownwer evicted the farmers so he could raise sheep ,owever a recent excavation found all the dead from that period had their heads removed and legs smashed after they had died ...which leads us nicely to Whitby where keeping to the same vein (ouch) we did a bit of Dracula related sight seeing .
Wharram Percy Church the most intact building

suddenly we were transported back in time...

Whitbys guns look out over a stormy sea

The Abbey

The chap who started it all for Whitby and vampire hunters everywhere

The 199 steps where a certain Black dog was seen 


The top of the Steps

A grave with a skull and crossbones ,some say the grave of a young girl  ,one of the first victims of Dracula 

Draculas Grave 

this and below show some of the locals 

not one of the better known Draculas but Elaines Crush ..

Elaines tacky holiday souvenir 

and my completely tasteful purchase 

Thursday, 20 February 2020

Last Days -Zombie Apocalypse

Played our first game of Zombie Apocolypse from osprey games last night at the club and really enjoyed the game but for a Zombie based game the lack of Zombies and the fact they did very little was disappointment  ,will play again but with some better zombie rules .

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Thursday, 13 February 2020

Burrows and Badgers -Mouse Hunt

Our first game of B&B by Oathsworn last night,  we used the Mouse Hunt Scenario ,great fun with the Pirates of Pens Antz capturing Gromly the mouse burgler .A really great set of rules with some fun moments ,the pirate captain firing his pistol only to roll a 1 and have the pistol explode in his hand looking forward to playing more of this ,got so into the game forgot to take pictures only managed to get a couple .
The village sleeps quietly ..for now

The action begins ,with a bang as a pistol misfires and explodes.