Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Lochnagar Crater -Great War tour Pt2

 This is the largest crater on the western front .It was one of sixteen mines detonated on July 1st and was intended to remove a German strongpoint in this area.The tunneling was started by the 185th Tunneling Company and on detonation contained 60,000lbs of explosive. At the time spotter aircraft in the area reported the debris from the explosion rose to a hieght of approximately 5000ft .Many of the Great war craters have been filled in and toprevent this happening in 1979 an English man Richard Dunning bought the crater in order to preserve the sight.
Today the crater measues 300ft across and 90 ft deep

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Vimy Ridge -Great War Tour PT1

Memorial to the missing
 I recently spent some time touring Belgium and France taking over 200 Pics of Great War battlefields ,monuments and Cemertery's  so I thought I would Share some of the Pics
German Trench the couple in the distance are in the Canadian trenches
 Over 2 days in April 1917 the Canadians captured Vimy Ridge to enable the offensive at Arras to begin , Today the crater scarred site is home to preserved trenches of both sides ,the sandbags were filled with concrete to allow a lasting reminder of the fierce fighting. At the summit of the Ridge ,known as Hill 145 is the huge Canadian memorial to the missing bearing the names of 11.285 canadian soldiers.
Canadian trench showing fire step

German Trench and Fire step

Mother Canada looking for her lost son's

Perfect view of the zig zag trench work

Monday, 21 May 2012

The Falklands :Triples after show report

The Argentinians wait for another drubbing 
The game was a generic Falklands scenario which was played about 14 times over the weekend ,with a British victory every game ,everyone seemed to enjoy the game and we had lots of people stop by to ask questions about the rules .

Tim Gows excellent game
The show its self was fun as always ,Saturday was definitely the busiest which gave me a chance to join in Tim Gows superb Wargames Development  game on the Sunday ,Tims a real nice guy if you have not yet visited his blog Mega Blitz and more,you must do so (link on the right ) .

Most importantly we raised a nice amount for the Royal British Legion and I must thank our hosts Sheffield Wargames Society for their generous donation , and of course everyone else who donated over the weekend especially John & Elaine my fellow pointmen everything on the table was down to john ,the paperwork was  down to Elaine  I just sat there and looked pretty ?  and Shawn  Peggy and Rob of Ambush Alley games who make this all possible.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sheffield Triples 2012

Just to confirm our table at Sheffield Triples ,We will be almost in our usual spot still in the main Hall on Table M .In the programme we are listed as British Legion Charity Game Ambush Alley ,not exactly as we put it but it got the main detail there . All three of our pointman team will be there on Saturday and two of us on Sunday its a Falklands participation game so please pop over and join in or just say hello :D

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Force on Force official tournament -update

Hi not had that many confirm by email yet that you want to take part ,although had a lot of interest so still not been able to confirm too much so giving a cut off entry date for 31st May 2012 then I will confirm everything and remember if at this point you cant make the date set please don't worry .

Date :                            TBC (june or july )
Venue :                          Sheffield have 3 venues on offer will depend on numbers.
Type :                            knock out ,number of rounds dependent on numbers taking part.

Size &type of Forces :   Again depends on numbers but 1st round will be Infantry only one or two sections for regulars ,all games will be a generic regular force against insurgents. 1st round at least will be played as both sides against same opponent.I.E you will play both regulars and then insurgents against same player.

Scale : if you can supply both forces and scenery then anything 10,15 ,20 25 or 28mm .

What do I need from you : an email containing ,name ,what forces you have available ,scale and if June or july is best for you.

Will it cost me to enter  : Yes a small donation (made on the day)which will go to the Royal British Legion and again if we get large numbers a small room hire charge (in total no more than £5.00.)

Prizes: Yes at the moment a few collectable bits from Ambush Alley games ,Caps ,Keychains ,15mm collectable figure plus winners certificates and I'm in disscussion with a couple of sponsers so maybe more .

Age: No real age limit we have a couple of juniors registered but not enough to run a junior only tournament so no age restrictions .

Rules : of course Osprey edition FOF , any tournament amendments will be sent to everyone prior to the games. At least 2 or 3 pointmen will be there and their decisions will be final ,decisions will be made on fair play and within the rules remember this is for fun .

More soon. Plesae pop and see us at Triples with any questions