Sunday, 29 September 2013

RBL 2013 Raffle UPDATE

well I did not think I would have any thing to update this quick ,seeing as my first emails to sponsors went out on saturday afternoon ,but so far I have had the following responses ,in order I received the answers confirming support :

Sheffield Wargames Society

Dashing Dice Games

Ambush Alley Games

Rogue Miniatures

1st Corps

Northstar Miniatures

Battle Flag

All the above have confirmed they will be sending prizes out as they confirm what they are and I receive more confirmations from other sponsors I will update this blog , A special thanks to every one so far and a big welcome to Dashing Dice Games as this is their first year sponsoring me and the prize package they have donated is fantastic  ,more info soon .

Saturday, 28 September 2013


One of the many Commonwealth Wargraves sites around the world

Poppies on a tree stump in Belgium
Its the time of year that I run a raffle to raise funds for the Royal British Legion ,this year I want it to be the best ever ,not only with the 100 year anniversary of the great war coming up but also due to illness I have not been able to raise funds as well as in previous years .A few people have asked how they can donate unwanted wargaming rules, books and armies its easy just either contact me on here or my email or leave a message in the wargames emporium in Sheffield or on any of the forums I take part in usually under the name ITCHY . Tickets will go on sale soon and any clubs wanting me to drop in with tickets please let me know. Also any traders wanting to donate please get in touch I can never have enough prizes .More updates as soon as possible.
Sheffield Park Memorial 

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Witch Finder General -Stickler Mitchell & Young Megan

The first "in house " figures from dashing dice games to compliment their Witch Finder General rules are shown above ,the 2 pieces in question are Stickler Mitchell who comes armed with pistol and sword ,the pistol arm being separate and his assistant young Megan brandishing a short sword and a choice of pistol or hand held repeater crossbow . Both are really nice figures and the pics show them straight out of the bag they both come with slotta bases. Rules for both charactors and weapons are on the witch finder general yahoo group along with lots of other free add ons to the main rule book .The rules and figures are available from   www.DashingDiceGames or contact Eric on

Mitsubishi Ki-46 "Dinah"

The Last known example of the Japanese Recon aircraft Captured by the British in China and flown by a Japanese Pilot to Burma ,so he didn't get any ideas of flying to freedom the Dinah was only given just enough fuel to fly to Burma and was escorted by a Spitfire. After being evaluated it was transported to the UK and is now on Display at the R.A.F Museum at Cosford .

Monday, 23 September 2013

Force on Force -cold war gone hot - a new beginning Pt 11

Land Rover Trio ..and something Russian .
Airfix Land Rover Soft Top

On the work bench for my Cold war gone hot project ,a trio of Landies a Airfix LWB and trailer ,2 of the new S&S recce Rovers another lovely model which comes all camoed up with 3 multi part crew ,radios and HMG's and finally starting on my ruskies ,which will be a mixed bag of stuff to be used in some of the scenarios in the FOF supplement.
S&S Recce Land Rovers
The S&S Rovers will double up as  recce's and as R.A.F regiment patrol vehicles.

S&S ZSU23/4

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Lightning XG 337

After looking at some of the pictures I have taken at museums and battlefields I thought I would pick out some of my favourites and give a little more information about the subject . 
This photo is of English Electric Lightning XG337 .
This particular Aircraft was the last of the development batch of F.1s, and first flew on 5th September 1959. She was mainly used for Red Top missile trials both at Warton and Boscombe Down, and also received the square topped fin as part of trials for the forthcoming F.3. Retired to ground instructional use as 8056M at Cosford and later Halton, she returned to Cosford when earmarked for preservation ,and has been suspended from the roof of the excellent Cold War Exhibition 

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Newark Air Museum

Vulcan B2 XM594

E E Lightning T5 XS417
Took a trip to Newark Air Museum ,the first time in about 20 years and really enjoyed it lots of exhibits and displays ,a nice cafe and a book and model shop as well . Here are just a small selection of photographs I took during our visit.The Museum was formally R.A.F Winthorpe and has a memorial to  Bomber Command .The Memorial is topped by a Prop hub from a Short Stirling that crashed nearby and has 9 trees dedicated to each crew member all of whom perished in the crash ,other trees are dedicated to Squadrons,personnel and aircraft types that served at or near the airfield.

SAAB Draken

Many displays are placed around the hangers 


Buccaneer S1 XN964

SAAB Viggen

Mig 27

Sea Harrier ZA17
RAF Winthorpe memorial

Lightning T5 showing the 2 seater cockpit 

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Polish and Commonwealth War graves In Newark on Trent

Newark and Trent Cemetery not only contains hundreds of graves dating from early Victorian times but is home to Commonwealth War graves and is also to the Polish war graves of the many Polish Service personal that were stationed locally ,many in the RAF . There is a memorial to the Air crew lost trying to drop supplies to the Polish resistance during the Warsaw uprising situated just outside the main war graves area.

The Cemetery was also home to the remains of Wladyslaw Sikorski before it was returned to Poland in 1993 , although his monument and grave site remain and are beautifully kept .

The Main Section contains over 300 Polish Graves and a smaller number of Commonwealth Graves.

Some of the many Polish War Graves , if any one has a relation in any of the UK's war grave sites and cannot visit themselves please let me know and I will attempt to visit and take a photograph of the headstone and  pass them on to you ,please let me know via this blog and I will arrange something.

The Cross of Sacrifice

The Commonwealth Graves are all around the different areas of the cemetery.

The Monument to Newarks service personnel from the Great war to Afghanistan.