Sunday, 17 June 2018

Battle of Britain board game

I have now eventually recieved decent hard plastic aircraft from Plastic Soldier Company for the Battle of Britain game , they are very good quality especially compared with the rubbish they tried to palm everyone off with originally ,so late delivery ,very poor quality ,very little info from the organisor then after waiting months the final insult was its cheaper retail than the kick starter price ?. Ive not purchased any ting from them since and wont again .Thankfully it didnt put me off kick-starters and ive had some great experiences since .I will post pictures later when I have some paint on them .

Monday, 11 June 2018

1943-45 Australian Jungle Division

Finished my Aussies for Bolt Action New Guinea campaign mainly Warlord Games with a few Artizan and Brigade Games bits .
Officer & 2 Infantry

Scout Team

Infantry Section a mix of SMG's ,Rifles and a Bren

Papuan Infantry Section

Sniper Team


Flame Thrower


Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels 
Bull Allan , a option instead of the stretcher bearers 


Vickers MMG

25pdr Short 

a TOW for the 25pdr

Matilda Frog flamethrower

Sunday, 3 June 2018

DR Who Exterminate painted stuff

Ive been very ill recently so not got any gaming in but managed to get some bits painted ,mainly for Dr Who and Bolt Action ,heres the Dr Who bits still lots to do but more than enough for a game .
Davros-Heavy Weapons Dalek -Supreme Dalek &Genesis Ark

Cult of Skaro

The rest of the Daleks plus you are no longer safe hiding  upstairs

Missy ,cyber leader , Cybermen and Cybermats


1st,4th,10th&K9 resin models

10th & companions -Rose,Martha ,Donna & Wilfred

12th & friends Clara ,Madam Vastra ,Jenny Flint & Strax