Friday, 26 August 2016

A couple of Mutts

My entry for the Guild quick build challenge a pair of recce vehicles for my very slow IDF project

With Elheim crew

Sunday, 14 August 2016

York and Lancaster Regimental Museum

Spent a morning in Clifton Park Rotherham and visited the museum .

Sunday, 7 August 2016

AW Miniatures French Indian Wars

My kickstarter stuff from Andrew at AW arrived today so eagerly opened the package to find the lovlie goodies shown below, 2 canoes 1 with Rangers 1 with Indians for crew ,a mounted officer for the French and British and a French Regular battle pack for muskets and tomahawks .Really nice figures fit togerther with my Galloping Major stuff  well which is a bonus ,the canoes come with loads of extras ,packs rifles etc .The battle pack contains Ix French Officer ,2 x Regular units each of 7 infantry and 1 NCO (these contain slight variations ) and six indian allies ,fantastic value.
my goodies 

The mounted officers 

The Ranger Canoe

The Indian Canoe

The M&T battle Pack

A close up of some of the Regulars

Comparison with a Galloping Major Ranger 

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Indian Mutiny kick starter

Andrew at AW contacted me yesterday saying my stuff from his FIW kick-starter was omn the way and he mentioned his next product , I can testify there are no worries backing Andrew at all .For those interested in the Indian Mutiny take alook at the kick starter and the rest of his range

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

wednesday night gaming -7TV ghost busters.

Had afantastic game of 7tv last night using the paranormal investigators supplement ,I did mean to do a full report with loads of pictures but got that wrapped up in the game I forgot ?. Johnplayed the ghostbusters with aman in black and 3 bystanders in support ,I played the spooky side with a fine array of things that went bump in the night . After taking a mighty beating and losing almost half of my cast I managed victory by retaining the Babalonion chest containing the ancient scrolls also known as a Maguffin ,great fun with lots of tension .The game recived lots of interest and nice comments as well .Rules and most of figures by crooked dice ,buildings mainly TT combat and mat by Urbanmatz.
The deserted streets of downtown 

theres something strange in the neighbourhood 

who ya gonna call

they came they saw they got thier asses kicked