Saturday, 29 October 2011

Tomorrows war ..Star wars style

A Tomorrows war scenario and force list by my fellow pointman and fund raiser John  Grayson who recently tried this out at the Sheffield and Rotherham wargames club a full AAR to follow soon and hopefully I will get a chance to play this .
set before a new hope,Small rebel outpost hidden in a back water spaceport imperial spies report it could hold the stolen death star plans.
Rebel mission defend the outpost as long as possible,don't let the death star plans fall into imperial hands!
forces 2 x 10 squads(can be split into smaller teams) tl3 skill D8 morale D10 light body armour +1 all with blaster rifles
hq 1 x officer 1 x 2ic 1 x medic droid 1 x r2 unit 2 x troopers all with blaster rifles.

imperial mission assult spaceport,retrive death star plans leave no survivors!!!!
forces 3 x 8 man squads(nco,heavy blaster,6 troopers) tl3 skill D8 morale D8 light body armour +1 troopers all with blaster rifles
hq 1 x officer 1 x2ic 1 x droid
Darth Vader skill D12 morale D12 if vader leads a squad its morale raises to D12 (through fear not courage)

smugglers, you don't care about the war just making a profit, don't let the imperials or rebels find out about your business.Defend your hide out if either side get to close.
forces 8 x scumbags tl3 skill D6 morale D8 all with blasters no body armour

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Raffle full Details far (update 27th Oct)

The raffle tickets are on sale @ £1.00 for a strip of 5 tickets. All proceeds go to the Royal British Legion. Available from Wargames Emporium on line or from the Sheffield Store. The draw will take place in the store on Saturday 12th November at 2pm. If you cannot make that date please state what prize(s) you prefer when you purchase your tickets (please leave 2 or 3 choices incase your not the first drawn.)

List of Prizes and Sponsers

Ambush Alley :
1 x Tomorrows World - 1 x Force on Force - 1 Enduring Freedom - 1 x Road to Baghdad -1 x Ambush Valley ALL BOOKS signed by Shawn, Peggy and Robby. Plus Ambush Alley caps and decks.

Baccus 6mm - Prize TBC

Brigade Models:
1 x Through The Mud and Blood rule book & a section of Belgian infantry and HMG's

Caliver Books : a 6 issue subscription to Battle Games Magazine

Gripping Beast :1 x 1box of plastic Hirdmen  1 x box of Plastic thegns

Mantic Games : Prize TBC

Northstar Miniatures; Prize TBC

Osprey Publishing : 1 x Force on Force, 1 x Tomorrows War, 2 x Enduring Freedom,  2 x Road to Baghdad

Perry miniatures : A £30 gift voucher with free P & P

Piers Brand : The Elhiem FOF ltd edition figure Painted by the famous Ambush Alley / Guild Painter.

S&S Models : 1 x 28mm M30 1 x Dodge wc truck

Too Fat Lardies : 1 x Through The Mud and The Blood with very rare Blackadder & Baldrick figures
1 x Bag the Hun with a Bag of Bogie counters
1 x Charlie Dont Surf      1 x Sharp Practice with very rare Sharp & Harper figures
1 x I Aint Been Shot Mum,  new edition with Hugh Jarce figure

Under Fire Miniatures : a selection of 20mm British and Taliban figures

Victrix : 1 box of 28mm British Infantry 1 box of 28mm British Infantry and 1 box of 54mm British Infantry

West Wind : Prizes TBC

The TBC prizes are in the post or being dropped off at shows so will be updated ASAP .

victrix Napoleonics

appologies for not doing full updates but I am having more computer problems ,so getting used to using Elaines laptop.
I have recieved the Prize Supporf from Victrix they have kindly donated 2 boxes of 28mm and 1 box of 54mm Napoleonics .
I will try and publish a full list of prizes in next couple of days.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Prize update

The following are in the post ,all from Too Fat Lardies these are special ,this is a part of an email I just recieved.

1 x hard copy Sharp Practice with the limited edition Sharpe & Harper

figures set in 28mm. VERY rare, only 300 sets cast and much sought after.

1 x hard copy Through the Mud & the Blood with the limited edition

Blackadder & baldric set. Ditto, only 300 cast etc.

1 x hard copy of Charlie Don't Surf

1 x hard copy of Bag the Hun and a bag of Johnny Danger's Bogeys

(unspotted aeroplane markers).

One pack of a dozen Lard Dice.

One 28mm Hugh Jarce figure. This is the limited edition figure (500 cast)

to accompany the new edition of I Ain't Been Shot Mum. The rules are not

yet out (25th October) but whoever wins Hugh just needs to email me(too fat Lardies) and I

will send a hard copy set of the rules to them.

how about that , these with the signed books from Ambush Alley and all the other wonderful kit donated by all those great people in the gaming world make this years raffle extra special. please buy those tickets .all proceeds to the Royal British Legion

Thursday, 6 October 2011

The List So Far.......

I am chasing some of the promised goodies up to day ,but so far I have the following already:

Brigade Miniatures- A set of WW1 rules plus +12 Belgian Grenadiers plus command and HMG section
S&S Models -a 28mm Dodge w/c Truck -1x28mm M20
Osprey -2 x Road to Baghdad -2 x Enduring Freedom -1 x Force on Force -1 x Tomorrows war
Perry's- a £30 gift voucher which also allows free P&P on the order
Caliver Books - A 6 month subscription to Battlegames Magazine

And winging its way to me -
Ambush Alley Games :Signed copies of: Force on Force, Tomorrow’s War, Road to Baghdad, Enduring Freedom, Ambush Valley (we snuck our first peek copy in there.) Plus card decks and Caps.

I will chase the other items up and hopefully fully update by the weekend

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Raffle update

As already stated the Tickets are on sale now from Wargames Emporium Orchard Square Sheffield at £1.00 for a strip of 5 tickets.The prize list I am holding back on printing a full list as I am still waiting for a lot of the goodies to reach me , but for now another nice prize donated by Brigade Models arrived today a WW1 rules set and a load of thier nice Belgians which will be put  forward as a single prize.