Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Muskets and Tomahawks

 Ive been struck down with a really painful throat infection but managed to get my first game of Muskets and Tomahaks 2 in before I lost my voice and found my self struggling to do most things .I must admit I enjoyed playing the first version of M&T and was looking forward to v2 until i recieved it and found out the supplements , cards and tokens were really poor quality so put off playing until now. Well the game is excellent really enjoyed playing it and we were playing without too much consultation  of the books after a couple of moves ,The game itself went back and forth and we were not sure who would win until the very last move , a very exciting and bloody adventure with the Brits stealing the game in the end .The random drawer of cards which can give you your opponents cards to play actually added alot of suspense and made it very tactical . Below are aseries of pics from the game , mat and table by Urbanmatz ,buildings mainly 4ground with the barn from warbases ,the pigsty was charlie foxtrot the treees fencing etc a mix of show bought and home made .The figures mainly Galloping Major with some AW and a few warlord /conquest) .

Saturday, 26 December 2020

Christmas Wargaming Goodness

 Santa brought me lots of amazing Presents but the wargaming stuff my good lady bought me are fantastic as usual ,no idea how she does it ,plus my kids bought me some military related goodies .

A 6x4ft folding games table from Urban matz Every thing Pulp 

a couple of new books to pass the time with from my youngest son

My two youngest Daughters adopted me a Spitfire which includes a visit and a walkround of the Spitfire

Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Hostage `rescue

 Even though due to work and ill health ive not been taking part every week ,Sheffield wargames society has been running on line zoom and Skype games since the first lockdown and has put on some fantastic games I managed to join in last night for a really fun game , Cluedo hostage rescue , a really enjoyable bit of fun played in under an hour with some great banter and as always good to see and talk to nice people . 

Wednesday, 16 December 2020

The Names Bond -James Bond

 Not setting myself apainting target for December i pulled out my old James Bond project rebased them and painted up the few remaining figures ,the rebasing was onto the clear perspex bases ,ive always been put off by the dreaad of having to pin and drill all the bases and figures plus the cost of the clear bases but found a cheap supplier (10pence per base ) and tried using super glue and activator which was asuccess so no pinning needed .Figures are a mix of crooked dice.nexus ,artizan and copplestone .

A few Bonds ,the top pic looks wierd but they are the same scale just the angle and spacing of the figures ,LtoR Connery x 5  moore x2  

 and finally the Bond helpers Anya Amasova (BarbabraBach ) and Jack Lords version of Felix 

Wednesday, 9 December 2020

Towns and Taverns battle mats kickstarter

 Just recieved my battle mat books from Loke and I am really impressed ,the books come in sets of 2  in a card slip case , they can be used as a single book or in multiples to make mats for role playing or wargames they lay side by side perfectly flat with all the images sey out so doors and stairs meet up to make a complete map .With the Kickstarter I recieved the little book of batle mats which depicts single rooms ,boats etc and a pack of town Trimmings which  are reusable stickers to make the mats even more unique during your games ,I also ordered the first set of two books which were the Dungeon set .Really impressed with the quality ,diversity of the maps and the service from Loke will get loads of use out of these ,I put the only figures I had to hand on the mats so you can get aidea of scale they are28mm Crooked Dice spy fi figures .I will post more pics once `i get chance to use the books in aproper game .

Sunday, 29 November 2020

November Painting Challenge

Only just got everything done.

Fireforge Peasants going to appear in many games including Rangers of Shadow Deep

Krampus an amazing figure from the Hellboy Game

Bonnie Prince Charlie and some of his men ,all Flags of war 

Governemt Troops to Tackle the Prince again Flags of War probably be using Sharp Practice for this period

Some stunning figures from Galloping Major for the FIW again Sharps or maybe M&T 2

AW MIniatures figures for FIW 

HMS Shah naval brigade for the AZW all Empress .rulrs wuill be the menwho would be king ,although i am tinkering with my own set which have proved popular 


Saturday, 7 November 2020

Never mind the Billhooks

 I have all ways fancied gaming the War of the Roses ,loads of blokes walking round in plate armour thumping each other with hammers in all kinds of weather ,changing sides at the drop of a helmet ,kings and queens changing places quicker than premier league football managers ,all great fun but never dipped my toes ,until the freebie rules Never Mind the Billhooks .They came free with Wargames Illustrated who have taken them on board with a vengence ,all sorts of articles are appearing and the support on the WI website is fantastic.The rules booklet is about 30 pages which includes afew pages of cards and tokens ( you can buy upmarket versions of these) The rules seem pretty staright forward with things being determined by a small deck of cards ,you need a small army to start with about 100 or so figures and when you take into account the Perry plastic box sets this is a pretty cheap army .I ahve ordered some of the said Perry box sets and the proper tokens and cards ,this will be my project for next year .

Sunday, 1 November 2020

November Painting Challenge

 More figures from the lead pile this month I am aiming to finish the following :

Anglo Zulu War - 12 Naval Brigade HMS Shah =12 men plus a Gatling and 4 crew. All Empress Miniatures

French Indian War - the regulars this time = 8 french Line AW Miniatures and a officer and 8 British Line and a officer from Galloping Major

Medieval Vilagers - 6plastic figures from Fireforge Plastics - Mainly for Rangers of Shadow Deep but will fit in any crusade /war of roses type scenario 

1745 ,A few figures that were sat waiting for a while ,11 jacobites including Bonnie Prince Charlie and 8 British Line  all Flags of War

and Finally from the Hellboy Game Krampus a bit of a rareity in the fact its a multi part kit unlike all the other Hellboy game pieces ,so will need building .

Thursday, 29 October 2020

October painting challenge -Hellboy in Mexico

 Finished the final part of my October Challenge and done better than hoped set my self the target of finishing 11 out off the 20 figures and managed all 20 .Now to look at Novembers Challenge

Luchador Hellboy-El Hermano Vengativo -El Hermano Estoico and Estaban the intrepid Agents
Camazutz- Tha main bad guy
 Mounted and infantry undead Conquistadors
 3 Hungrey Vampires and 3 Crypt Spirits

and Finally 3 Giant Bats ,a very nice set of figures for a really great game system .