Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Frostgrave scenario scenic items

Frostgrave needs to be scenery heavy but in some scenarios certain items are required so done few scenario specific things .most can be used as general clutter as well ,the book cases are home made as are the scrolls ,the books are from fenris The small cthulu type alter is fenris the rest are from the ulterior motives 2 set from Northstar
need alot more of these ...

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

95th Rifles

Another couple of test figures this time Brigade Models 95th riflemen again these will be used for Sharp Practice this time replaying the Sharpes TV series set in the peninsular ,I have the Brigade figures of Sharp ,Harper and the chosen men stored away in my lead pile .

Monday, 18 February 2019

Redcoats for the F.I.W

Got round to test painting a couple of figures from the Galloping Major Kickstarter ,2 of his lovely redcoats for the French Indian war using Shaps Practice rules ,they will also serve in the Jacobite rebellion until I get appropriate figures.

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Frostgrave Beasts

Finished a few Frosty things for Frostgrave .
A Frost Giant -ReaperBones Boerrgg Blackrime 

SnowTrolls -Reaper Bones Yetis

Snow Leopards -Northstar Jungle range cheetas

Frost Wraiths -one official frostgrave  the other Northstar Ghost

Ice Spiders -Again Reaper Bones

A group shot with a frostgrave plastic zombie for scale 

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Frostrave Solo

Had a quick game of Frostgrave to try out the solo rules ,using the scenario "alone in the crypt " from the spellcaster magazine .I narrowly won with only 3 health points left but collected 2 treasures and got out  alive so I claim a victory
The spectator has lost interest

anything edible here

a bit of treasure 

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Star Wars Risk -return of the Jedi

After enjoying the clone wars edition of Risk ,we played a few weeks ago John went out and bought all the versions so last night we played the black edition which covers the final scenes of return of the Jedi ,personally I enjoyed it even  more than the clone wars game even though I was totally destroyed ,luke killed Falcon shot to bits and every ship lost  .Looking forward to a rematch now I have devised a
tactical plan learnt from my mistakes

Sunday, 10 February 2019

Battle Field Tour of Zulu Land

My numerous journeys to Battlefields has taken me around the U.K ,europe,and America but in a few weeks my ambition of visiting the battlefields of the Anglo Zulu war will be realised and to make  it even more special my favourite AZW author Ian Knight will be our guide .Visiting most of the main battle fields and sites of the war we will be stopping in Shakaland zulu village , built for the TV series shaka zulu it now is part living village and part resort , then we move off to a game reseerve for a few days and then onto Isandlwana Lodge for the last few days .I am sure I will bore you all with lots of pictures and tales .
The Tour book arrived 

Our names in print with the great mans ..

The Itinerary 

Friday, 8 February 2019

M20 Armoured Utility Car

After my M8 made an appearance at Sheffield Wargames Society ,Tim Gow very kindly  gave me a couple of solido M20's to bolster my forces .I have painted the first up to join my winter U.S Infantry for Rules of Engagement  .The M20 wasthe recon version of the M8 with the turret removed it was equipped with a,50 cal for defence and the crew was issued with a bazooka for anti tank use ?. The 2nd Solido will appear with my late war US paras
The pair of M20;as donated by the very nice Mr Gow

All white washed for the Ardennes winter

with the Italeri M20 

a birds eye iew of the M8and M20 a slight difference in size but Im happy with it .

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Battle of Britain start of campaign

We started the campaign from the BOB rule book tonight at Sheffield Wargames society,with John Grayson taking command of the Luftwaffe and I led the few , very badly I might add .The luftwaffe carried out a wonderful bombing campaign even though they suffered high losses .The Luftwaffe stole the first game 53 points to 41 .This is a really great game only marred by the awful service from PSC ,which I learnt my lesson from and have not dealt with them since .