Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Another tour in NAM -Force on Force

Played Ambush Valley in 28mm again ,another fast and furious game ,this time John took the VC and I had the yanks and amazing I won , captured the bunker complex but at acost of 1 Dead and 11 wounded .
The first of the US troops move onto the table

The trap is sprung they come under fire

the medi vac appears 

and promptly goes away as it takes fire

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Greys Scouts and Rhodesian African Rifles

My next batch of Eureka Rhodesians have arrived for my Bush wars project to be used with Ambush Alley or Specter operations ,a set of Greys Scouts the mounted unit that proved a excellent unit .and The Rhodesian African Rifles ,the all black infantry regiment that served with distinction during the conflict .Again lovely figures in fantastic poses .
armed with an heavy barrel FN

Based on a famous picture of the Scouts in action

Add caption

White officer of the R.A.R

the full unit of R.A.R

Thursday, 7 November 2019

Force on Force-Ambush,Valley

We went back to an old favourite for this weeks game ,Force on Force by Ambush Alley Games and we really enjoyed it ,we used the Ambush Valley supplement and 28mm figures .American Airbourne against NVA a great game with the NVA almost wiping out the yanks .
The NVA 

from the NVA side

The Americans advance

The Vietnamese go into ambush mode

U.S casualties mount

a medi-vac chopper comes under fire and moves away

The NVA charge into the LZ

hand to hand 

the few ramaining Americans try to fall back

more H to H more U.S casualties

ITs all over the LZ is overun