Monday, 16 March 2020

Muskets and Tomahawks second edition.

Just received the new version of muskets and Tomahawks along with the 1st supplement and the cards and tokens. I do have the first edition which I liked but I converted to Shjarps Practice a while ago .There are alot of changes at first glance ,this ediition is acore rule book with the basic rules and you have to buy supplement books to cover different periods muchlike the black powder rules from warlord. The other changes are moving to D10 rather than D6 and how the cards are used .The book is an impressive hard back full colour but only 79 pages long which are packed with colour photos which hint at future supplements such as the Zulu war and Napoleonics . There is alot of explaining of the rules with examples throughout but a quick run through shows there only about 17 pages of rules so a pretty expensive book .The first supplement is Redcoats and Tomahawks ,a magazine like book of 42 pages ,mine is already suffering from folds and creases ,the army lists cover the French Indian war ,war of Independence and the war of 1812 ,I must admit Im not impressed with the lists at all ,again lots of colour eye candy making it a very expensive magazine .The cards again are nice but flimsy and the token set is actually a card punch out set ,written in French on one side and English the other ,again expensive for what they are , I presume some one will bring out MDF or plastic tokens soon you also need new cards and tokens for each supplement you buy . I recieved 3 free minis which are nice .Overall from what ive read so far im not looking at giving up sharp practice . 7/10


  1. I’ve just bought this too on the recommendation of a friend. Shall we give it a go sometime? Although in the current circumstances we may have to run the game by Skype....

  2. yes got a few units ready but by the time we are out of quarantine ill have a lot more ready