Sunday, 4 September 2011

Up Date

Hi back from Scotland and trips to Culloden Moor ,(if you havent been yet you got to go,) Loch Ness and Stirling Castle . I've had the  op and back home now being treated like a proper invalid by Elaine and the Kids and have some updates about the Raffle. Confirmed support from Ambush Alley Games - Too Fat Lardies - West wind -Northstar-Piers Brand and Baccus .Applied to over to over thirty suppliers for support and only had a refusal from one so expecting the amount of prizes to be a lot larger than lasts years amount ,which ws fantastic to say the least. I will post a list of sponsers and prizes later this week and details of how and when you can get the tickets.Plus afew more pics of Culloden .

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