Thursday, 22 September 2011

hind Commander ,First Look

Marcin Gerkowicz ,the very nice chap behind Sturmovik commander has kindly sent me a copy of his new rule set Hind Commander. Although I have not had the chance to play these yet ,I certainly like what I see not only chopper v chopper rules but these incorporate ground units as well I will be buying some new toys to game this, so I thought I would put up a little review based on my first look at the book.

Presentation: a nice looking card backed book nice and eye catching ,leaving no doubt what its there for.

What Do you Get : 100 pages ,not including covers, pages 2-3 are a very concise index ,The next 7 sides are the introduction which not only explains the reasoning behind the rules but also terms used in the rules and what you need to play .pages 17-26 cover the turn sequence explaining each step with nice clear colour photo's and explanations.P27-37 all the additional rules and special rules,The rest of the book is explaining how to determine forces,how long the game should last and how to end it,plus all the stats for most common helicopters and several scenarios which in turn cover all the rules so you slowly build into the game . There are also included with the book 12 full colour card and token sheets ,these are seperate so no awkward photo copying or having to cut your nice new book up &2 summery sheets .

Expansions: there is no mention of expansions ,to be honest I think everything is covered in this book .There is however a great web site and forum with official downloads which are starting to cover the copters and aircraft not in the main rules.

Down Side: none for me really but others might not like the fact that the counters and cards are not perforated so be  careful with those scissors and there are no solo rules but on the forum Marcin has said he will try to develope this at a later date.

Over all : Very Nice with some nice touches that make the game different. 9out of 10

How do you get them : UK caliver books stock them or from the Hind Commander web site which also sells pre made battle boxes to go with the rules ,there is a handy currency convertor on the ordering page and personally I do not think the postage is over the top.
I hopefully will get to do some after action reports soon.

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