Friday, 9 September 2011

Raffle Update

Well to add to my recent troubles some sad soul hit my PC with a trojan that totally destroyed my firewall spy ware and anti virus (so much for Norton)before destroying my PC so stuck to doing bits on different pcs and laptops till I get set up again,so little delays expected. So far we have had a definate response from the following offering prize support . Ambush Alley as always still our greatest help , Too Fat Lardies (not only rules this year ,but limited addition figures as well),Osprey Publishing ,Baccus 6mm ,Gripping Beast ,Caliver books ,westwind and Northstar all who suported us last year and new to our sponsers this year Mantic games and Piers Brand the regular contributor to AA Games and forum and of Guild fame ,who is donating a painted limited addition elhiem figure .others have been asked but have not responded yet (or maybe they have and my pc problems have caused meto miss them,sorry if thats the case and I've not mentioned you yet.).I am having a meeting next week about raffle tickets so hopefully these will be on sale by the 17th September.Thanks for reading.

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