Wednesday, 26 May 2021

BelloLudi WW1 Skirmish Rules

Getting back on my Wargaming feet after along illness and some very intense training programmes fpor work ,I have started to look at the armies I have almost finished and what I am going to do with them.So my WW1 late war Germans and Brits are almost complete and I have been reading through the Too Fat Lardies "through the mud and the Blood" which I do like the look of ,when I saw aadvertisement for a set from BelloLudi in the Netherlands so jumping in after vasking afew promptly answered questions on the face book page I ordered the starter set of rule book ,command Dice and command cards .These arrived very quickly 5 days from ordering to dropping on my door mat including a weekend at that. The rule book is a A5 soft backed setthe first 13 pages contain the introduction and main rules ,pages 14-24contain optional rules for smoke ,gas ,defences ,tanks,aircraft ,troop quality ,pretty much anything you can think of.They are nicley produced and being aimed at new players contain nice clour pics of what I call wargames standard painted armies not the wonderful works of art that most rule books contain which are above the painting skills of most of us .They are aimed at 28mm using forces of around 30 plus a side but can manage larger smaller game sizes with 2 or multi player games ,they even say solo .They contain some nice touches such as the command dice which are multi sided but only numbered 0-1-2-3 and B ,B takes you to ablunder chart which effects your orders ,the optional cards allow yoou to play havoc with your opponants army .The QRS sheet is inside the back cover but you can download a copy of this and all other useful stuff fromthe BelloLudi website ,for a set of rules I had never heard of until last week I am impressed and cant wait to try them out.

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