Thursday, 22 April 2021

The Three Flavour Cornetto Trilogy -Part One

I am a great fan of the Edgar Wright Films ,Shaun of the Dead ,Hot Fuzz and Worlds end starring Simon Pegg and Nick frost , collectively konown as the the flavour cornetto trilogy due to the joke in Shaun where Nick Frosts character use a cornetto as a hangover cure ,although they have nothing in common other than Pegg ,frost and edgar wright thye are classed as a trilogy and have cult status now , the two mian actors plating different characters have fought zombies , a cult and an alien invasion .I plan to get all the main characters covered for Pulp alley ,7TV and last days ,Below are the first 3 I've finished , Peggs Nicholas Angel and Shaun and Frosts Danny Butterman .All hasslefree miniatures

Pc Angel

Pc Butterman


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  1. Lovely work. I did all these a good few years back. But stripped the figures to repaint again last year as I wasn't to happy with them. Look forward to seeing the rest of the casts.