Saturday, 6 April 2019

Seven Days to the River Rhine

Great Escape Games new rules for 1980's cold war games arrived ,aimed at lots of armour for quick play and after a quick look through they seem ok .Card covers and 44 pages in colour they come with a deck of tactical advantage cards.
The rules require D10; and D6's measurements in  inches and its ayou go I go type . Everything seems to laid out in a nice order and clear to read , a nice gimicky thing is on some pages there are bar codes which when scanned with your i phone show rule example videos . One vehicle represents one real vehicle , infantry sections are abit abstract and don't need to show specific weapons and can be represented by what ever bases you have around , ATGW are required to be based seperatelyand classed as support stands , a 1000 point army consists of around 3 MBT,s 6 infantry sections with APC's and a attack helicopter to give you an idea of what toys you will need..Command tokens are spent to give units orders , a down side is no tokens are given with the rules ,you have to make your own or buy the MDF ones from great escape but anything will do really . There is a scenario section with 4 scenarios you are left to decide army size etc. The orbit section covers France ,USA,GB, West Germany, Canada,Denmark, Netherlandsand Belgium for NATO players with the Soviet Union covering warpac. At first glance they lok nice and appear to be straight forward enough , we will play them soon as we have plenty of Cold War Kit in 20mm .Downside as stated no counters , no seperate quikplay sheets although it would be easy to photocopy and the cards are pretty basic when compared to other games glossy card decks .

Nice cover art

some background info
lots of colour pics

the bar code brings up play examples on your phone 

army lists with a points system 

the advantage cards can be played at any point in the game to give you an advantage ?

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