Monday, 25 May 2020

Old Scores -A frostgrave solo scenario

Another Solo game this time using a solo scenario from the wizards conclave supplement in the Frostgrave setting. Frostgrave has many solo and co-op scenarios in this and the perilous dark books and the spell caster magazines I mentioned in an earlier post . The adventure didnt go as planned lots of bad dice rolling gave the rule generated bad guys the upper hand for most of the game ,but I managed to get away with some treasure and completing the two main objectives ,killing the snow leopard and getting away with the armour of redwar ,although I left my apprentice and 2 soldiers dead in the snow .Great fun as always . Figures mainly Northstar with a few odd ones and treasure from northstar and mantic ,mat  by Urban matz.
The gang enter the table

the armour of Redwar

Things start to get messy

The snow leopard enters the fray

ooh treasure

oh actually a skeleton ...

The wizard Shaka kills a wraith

Rotha and friend kill the snow leopard 

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