Monday, 4 November 2013


With trying to organise the raffle ,holidays ,kids ,grand kids , hospitals and work I've not done too much gaming or painting recently and I have just sat at my desk got every thing ready and then put it all away no MOTIVATION again ,last time this happened was when I needed to get my FIW stuff together for a game of M&T  and I set my self a time limit and was pushed on by lots of encouragement  from family and gamers and enticed by Elaine saying she would buy me lots of new toys if I finished plus kind words and freebies from Lance at Galloping Major ,so I have set myself a new challenge ,this time just to clear my work bench ,this consists of 2 S&S recce land rovers and a Airfix landie and trailer for my B.A.O.R cold war gone hot stuff these are about 50% finished . 9 samurai for ronin that are undercoated and stuck together ,3 Doctors and the master all Heresy models that are just sat looking sad not even glued together or even on bases , 4 airfix nato ground crew that were test figures for my cold war gone hot "hunting the harriers "scenario .This with a repair job on a die cast car and my bench will be clear , all this before the end of November ?. I might then put to the vote what part of the lead and plastic mountain is to be next ,so keep tuned.

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