Tuesday, 12 November 2013

A big thank you

I would just like to thank the people and groups listed below who donated prizes to our fund raising efforts for the British Legion .I am trying to thank them all personally as time permits .I would also like to thank every one who bought tickets and if you didn't win this year try again next year please ,also a big thanks to John Grayson ,all the staff at the Wargames Emporium especially John  and Eric for putting time and effort into this as always and of course Elaine who did most of the paper work and took over a couple of times during the build up when I was ill. Finally a word of thanks to all members of our wonderful armed forces who face danger in some form every day and to their families who are just as brave and need just as much of our support .

1st Corps
Ambush Alley Games
Assault Publishing
Brigade Models
Dashing Dice games
Dave Parsons Figure Painting Service
Elhiem Figures
Galloping Major
Gripping Beast
Paella World
Plastic soldier Company
Piers Brand
 RH Models
Rogue Miniatures
Sally 4th
Sheffield Wargames Society
S&S models
Studio Miniatures
The Old Book Shelf  of Scotland
Tim Gow of the St James Place Partnership
Underfire miniatures
War Games Emporium
Warlord Games

The cross of sacrifice seen at commonwealth war graves around the world 

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