Sunday, 17 May 2015

Sheffield Triples Day 2

Second day of fund raising at triples for the British Legion ,a bit busier than yesterday again every one enjoyed them selves and was happy with the feed back on my Rules "nothing remains but to fight " especially when we won Best Participation Game award .Bought some more new toys as well .

Yes we did have a Buglar on hand for the retreat to the redoubt 

Head swelling time 

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Sheffield Triples Day 1

A good day at an usually quiet Triples , Got 3 games of "nothing remains but to Fight" in went really well every one seemed to have fun plus importantly raised funds for the Royal British Legion  .Bought some more Empress stuff and a set of rules  Deus Vult .Hopefully get chance to visit the Crooked Dice stand tomorrow .Best bit today was chatting with people I only get to see once a year always good to catch up .
Dressed for the Part 

The best rendition of men of Harlech of the day 

Reading their lines 


Monday, 11 May 2015

Batman MIniature Game

The Batman Miniature Game from Knight Models finally has had its rule book released ,and what a cracker it is a high quality hardback I must say its the best looking rule book I have ever seen . Got a few figures painted up but not got chance to play yet . Will be organising a game as soon as Triples and my Holidays are out of the way .

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Nothing Remains But to Fight - last minute play test

The last play test of my rules before Triples ,still a lot to do but will be playable on the day (but be kind)
The Hospital Ablaze

Spit Boy ..Spit

Men of Harlech 

Zulu High Command look on in dismay .

Friday, 8 May 2015

Berlin Brigade Land Rovers

Two new toys for my Cold War Gone Hot B.A.O.R ,a pair of very nice Oxford Die Casts saved me some tricky painting .

Monday, 4 May 2015


I was starting to get behind with my Zulu Project for Triples when My lovely Elaine offered to undercoat some bits for me and it didn't take me long to talk her into trying her hand at some figures ,and this is the result 32 Uthulwana a brilliant first attempt  ,She's now on the ingomakosi .

Uthulwana a married regiment fought at Isandlawana ,Rorkes Drift, Ulundi &Khambula  painted by Elaine Winter .

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Rev George Smith & James Langley Dalton VC

Two of the lesser known defenders of Rorkes Drift were Reverend Smith who through out the siege walked amongst the defenders offering words of inspiration and encouragement whilst handing out ammo to the soldiers and James Dalton of the commissariat who not only handed ammunition out as shown in the film but also was credited with designing the original melee bag defences before Chard returned to the out post , he was belatedly awarded the VC after recommendations from the other defenders .

Smith & Dalton again by Empress 

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Heroic Ballads

I have been lucky enough to receive some great support over the last few years from Marcin Gerkowicz of Assault Publishing and he has just sent me a copy of his latest rules a Fantasy set called Heroic Ballads . The rules are a 40 page PDF download from his store (or will be very soon )    . The rules are very quick play and you do not need hundreds of figures to play the quick ply tests we have done had no more than 30 figures on the table between us . You only need a  couple of D6 and a few coloured counters to play besides the figures and off you go ,we had great fun using the terrain and figures we use to use to play D&D all those years ago and it actually reminded us of the fun we use to have playing that . A cracking game ideal for club nights or for quick participation games at shows .Marcin has included some simple army lists and spell lists and would love to have feed back on new races and stuff ,now the best bit they will be  FREE to download he does ask that if you like them and can afford some thing to make adoration to either a Polish based health charity or the British Legion through my page both haver links in the rules , a really great gesture from a really nice guy who I am hoping to meet later this year . So if fantasy is your thing (or just feeling nostalgic for D&D type fun ) then go to Assault Publishing page (by the way his other games are great too . ) I will post a game report and pics later .


Friday, 24 April 2015

Private Henry Hook V.C

Private Hook in real life was nothing like the loveable rogue portrayed by James Booth in scene stealing style ,the real hook was a tea total soldier who was the cook at Rorke's Drift and during the siege was stationed in the hospital ,winning the VC for his courage defending the hospital rooms.

The real Hook and Hookie from the movie .