Thursday, 22 October 2020

Lion Rampant-Crusader States

 I bought the Osprey Lion Rampant rule set with the aim of wargaming the crusades but they were pretty generic although seemed to be a decent game, now the University of Edinburgh have released a supplement ,Lion Rampant the Crusader states . The supplement is more than double the size of the rule book and is packed full of historical information ,new rules ,12 army lists and 12 scenarios plus its packed full of osprey colour plates and pictures of toys , maps and charts .It looks agreat addition to the rule set .

Monday, 19 October 2020

October painting challenge update -Hellboy Core Game

 Doing quite well with the painting challenge ,finished the figures from the core Hellboy Game ,when I set my self the challenge i had already undercoated the figures and blocked out sopme of the minions but all done in October so no cheating .All from Mantics core game set  the figures are about 35 mm except the large monsters which are a lot bigger all in one piece so no gluing or messing about a  real pleasure to paint .

The Good Guys Liz ,Abe Sapien , Hellboy and Johan Kraus

The minions ,3 each of Rampaging ,Transforming ,Venomous and Armed frog monsters plus 6 frog swarms
The Boses of the bad guys  ,The Tentacles of `Sadu -Hem ,Rasputin and the Giant Frog Monster .

Also manage to get game in as well ,really loving this game it can be payed solo or cooperative with up to 4 players against the game ,great fun and quite a challenge .

Sunday, 11 October 2020

end of Year Painting Challenge

 Seeing as I am painting lots but not finishing anything I have set my self month by month painting challenge 

October :

finish off the figures from the Hellboy core box=25 figures (I have done alot of these)

Complete at least half of Hellboy in Mexico set (20 figures in set ,so at least 10)

Finish the F.i.W figures on my desk ( 40)

Finish the modern Russians on my desk(5)

Hopefully this will clear my painting desk , dependent on the success of this I will set myself a similier target for November.

Saturday, 26 September 2020

Anglo-Zulu War Book Collection

 Had a clear out of some books which gave me a chance to relist my AZW book collection and rather than just post a list of them , I thought I would show them off ,107 books plus a pile of magazines with AZW related topics not shown here .The books are a mix,  some excellent works others are not but I would not part with any of them .

The 3 above are all signed to me by the authors

This 10 volume set ,started me off looking up the AZW graves and markers , below my Ian Knight Collection ,my favourite AZW author

These last 4 are all signed to me by Ian Knight ,the 1879 and Zulu Rising were signed in Zulu `land when  we were lucky enough to go on Ians tour

Thursday, 24 September 2020

Hellboy -more purchases

I am really mad about this game from Mantic ,my original purchase of the core game amd the Box full of evil (which contains 2 expansions -Hellboy in Mexico and Darkness calls plus some Japanese horroe related freebies) wasnt enough I then bought the counter upgrade set which gives you plastic versions of the counters from the main set which are reallly great , the furniture is now 3d plastic not flat card and the agent counters are now busts of the intrepid heroes .Now I have acquired the B.R.P.D archives which not only gives you loads more miniatures but cards to buld new assignments so basically you should never run out of missions to play , and the wild hunt exoansion which gives you another Hellboy (my third) ,this time its the Enraged Hellboy carrying excalibur and a number of giants ,knights and imps to fight plus an agent Alice and of course lots more board pieces .I have nearly finished painting the figures from the core game ,once done I will post some pics of the contents of this game.

Monday, 21 September 2020

Zulu War Graves

 Another recent trip to Wales allowed us to track down a few more Rorkes Drift Defenders final resting places ,2 of them Murphy and Saxty buried in St Woolas Newport  we have tried twice before to find with no luck ,this time Andy Lee direceted us in the right direction .We also got to pay respects to William Partridge .Samual Pitt ,John Connolly , David Lewis (James Owen) David Jenkins and Evan Jones ,we also had time to visit James Taylor again as since wwe visited afew years ago he hashad a new marker over his grave. 

John Murphy with a close up of the memorial plaque added later

Thursday, 10 September 2020

Hellboy and other things

Started gaming again with my mate John , we visited our usual club and didnt have a great experience to be honest so weve been doing small skirmish games at our homes , had a great game of Zvesda oil wars and also Great escapes Dead mans hand but Ive been caught by the Hell Boy Board game ,not only is it a fun game that can be played solo or with 4 players ,but it is so well made the figures are fantastic one piece plastics ,that paint up really easily >all the componants are well made and will stand up to lots of use .Ive played the game solo twice and with john once all the games were fun and full of surprises i will do a proper review later 

Monday, 17 August 2020

Blotz Terrain

 Bought a couple of Middle Eastern style buildings from Blotz ,not bought buildings from this company before and I must admit I am impressed ,very cheap but very sturdy and fit together really well and the sevice is great less than 48 hours from ordering to arriving on my mat . The instructions are on the website and are really clear step by step pictures .These will take part in my crusadesgames and my Afrika Korps games as well .Blotz do a big range and I will be buying more 10/10

2 nice 28mm Buildings from a large range just added a bit of filler to give that adobe look 

Friday, 14 August 2020


 No not the old Max Bygraves song ,although that is military in a way ,but some decks of playing cards i have had made to fit in with my card dxriven wargames ,Cornered wolf for checnya and Outremer -faith and blood ,the osprey crusade skirimish game . I have plain decks of cards but when I saw photo box had an offer on I couldnt resist , just something to make the games stand out .

some of my Russians for Cornered Wolf
Some Russians for Cornered Wolf

A couple of Templars ready for the Battle cards relate to the markings on the movement tray

My Warrior Priest ready to bash heads