Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Blue Effect

This is the reason i am lagging behind my painting quota ,just can't put it down and do not want it to end ,Brilliant

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Airfix Harrier GR3

The great thing about being part of the Guild of Wargamers forum ,other than all the info is the number of painting /kit building competitions they have .They certainly inspire me to clear my lead and plastic mounting ,the latest one as me building my pair of Harrier kits I have had ages so 2 weeks to get them both finished ? .Will keep you posted.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Muckleburgh Collection

Chevrolet 2pdr Portee
The Muckleburgh Collection in Norfolk is crammed full of vehicles ,weapons ,uniforms, models ,photographs &paintings and much more .Most of the vehicles are in running condition and can be seen moving about the test track area you can even pay for a ride in an AFV (£100) or for a couple of quid be bounced around the site in a Bedford Truck ,all this plus ashop and a great Cafe. The attractions are too many to list,here are  just a few of the 100+ pics I took on the day .

Centurion Mk5


FV4201 Chieftan

M47 Patton

Part of the AFV collection


Theres something in every corner 



part of the AA collection

M24 Chaffee

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Most of the vehicles interiors can be viewed

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Jackal MWMIK

Was lucky enough to get up close and personal when the R.A.F Regiment put 2 Jackal MWMIK's through their paces .Very impressive and did not realise how fast those things can go ,it was like the chase scene from Bullit .

notice the one at the rights door flying open ?oops.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

20mm figure comparison

20mm figures side by side ,in the 1st photo the SHQ figure is bent forward I didn't realise until after so added another pic at the end with the fault put right .All of them are on English 1pence coins and are in varying states of readiness just grabbed from my workbench . The two cp figures show the first with the integral base and the other with a slotta type base with the tag removed as per their
 instructions .


RH-Elheim -Airfix-Underfire

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PCS-CP-and the SHQ bent to correct position . 
All nice figures in their own way my favourite one in this lot is the SAS guy from RH .

Thursday, 3 April 2014

English Electric Lightning

Britain's first Mach 2 fighter  that served for 40 years on the front line ,I remember them fondly flying about Lincolnshire and at air show's , sadly now confined to museum's but at least there are lots of survivors here are a few that I have managed to snap around the UK .








Starting with the top photo :
XS417- a T5 version Newark Air Museum 

XM 135- F1 shown in 74 Tiger Squadron markings at IWM Duxford ,this was the last F1 to fly

ZF588 -an F.53really serial number 53.693 Royal Saudi Air Force painted as an 74 Squadron aircraft at East Midlands Air Museum

XM192- an F.1A with a long career part of its history being as a subject for Airfix models when it served with 111 Squadron ,now at Thorpe Camp near Woodhall Spa

XR753- Hard to photograph mascot at R.A.F Coningsby 

XS 903 -F6 variant flown into Elvington Air Museum in 1988 were she is still on display

WG 760- P1A prototype also took part in fire streak missile trials now at Cosford

XG337 -F1 hanging in a vertical climb pose at Cosford in the cold war section.

WG768- not really a lightning but a Short SB5 built by the REA to test English Electrics theory's on swept wings and tails so a part of lightning history , also on show at Cosford.

There are a few more on display around the UK ,hopefully catch up within them all and will update if I do .

Cranwell Aviation Heritage Centre

vampire nose and cockpit

uniform display

R.A.F Cranwell is a famous part of the R.A.F's history and just across the road from it the Heritage centre covers its story from being a R.N.A.S base to today as Training  collage .Entrance is free and it's a fascinating place ,lots of hands on stuff for the kids (or wife) to have fun with including a jet provost simulator in which the landed perfectly other than forgetting to put the under carriage down and I ran out of fuel miles from the landing strip ?

Lots of hands on stuff to play with 

Jet Provost

lots of displays and cabinets to view