Friday, 14 January 2022

Zona Alfa project

Set myself a task of finishing evry thing I have for one game without doing my usual mix and match and never finishing anything completely ,so i chose Zona Alfa from osprey ,aall these first batch are from Patrick miniatures from Germany , couple of Military types and five zombie soldiers plus the Pripyat Monument

Tuesday, 11 January 2022

Zulu War Library Additions.

Added a few books to my AZW collection over the last few weeks bringing my collection to well over 100. Anglo Zulu War 1879 -A history of the Zulu war A birthday present from my daughter ,a reprint of an 1880 book written by Walker Ashe a newspaper correspondent that was present during the conflict and the reports from E.V.Wyatt Edgell an officer with the 17th lancers who was killed at Ulundi .It also contains ashort history of the 17th during the AZW Kingdom and Colony a second book I picked up from Ian Knight just before Christmas , an old hard back from the university of Natal by John Laband . A Bloody Night A christmas present from my son ,an account of the Irish troops at Rorkes Drift Isandlawanathe revelation of a disaster Picked this up myself , contains "new evidence and perspectives " of the battle by ron Lock ,will read with interest The Fall of Rorkes Drift An alternative history by John Laband ,I am not a great fan of what ifs but my boss bought me this for Christmas and I must admit at first glance looks very good .

Wednesday, 29 December 2021

The Men Who Would Be Kings

Had a nice game of TMWWBK from osprey ,using the Mr Babbage solo system .A fast bloody fight with Her Majestys forces being wiped out to a man in good Victorian style the Brits had 2 units of Naval brigade Infantry and a unit of NNC ,plus I know the rules do not allow this but I wanted to try out both in a game so used a Machine Gun and a Rocket launcher .so the colonials had 26points v the Zulu 24
the above show the forces before deployment and before leaders characteristics were rolled
Above the first round of fire from the Naval Brigade and the rocket lauancher were effectiive a pin marker from the Launcher and 3 dead from the long range rifle fire ,then it pretty much went down hill from there . table and Mat from Urban ,figures are Empress, Warlord plastics ,Pery Plastics and wargames factory plastics

Tuesday, 28 December 2021

Christmas Goodies

Had a few wargaming and military inspired prezzies including another 2 of the Minden games solo games ,a Army Painter gamesmaster set for terrain contruction and a set of their new air paints ,a couple more of the Mantic terrain crates .An addition to my zulu war book collection and although slightly off the scale 3 Olivier shakespeare movies that do include some nice battle scenes.Hope you all had agreat Christmas

Friday, 17 December 2021

Russian Legends

Bought 3 of the De agostini Russian Legends die cast vehicles to use at scatter terrain in my zone Alpha games ,Gaz69 fire tender ,Moskvitch 410 and a YA3 ambulance .All nice models just need to dirty them up to look like they have been abandoned for a few years .

Tuesday, 14 December 2021

Zona Alpha -salvage and survival in the exclusion zone

I recenlty bought the osprey rule set ZONA ALPHA which is set in an post apocalyptic eastern europe ,where small groups hunt for items to salavge whilst facing each other, bandits ,zombies and mutants as well as radiation and other man made hazards .I purchased the add on KONTRABAND which adds a few more hazards ad scenarios as well as taking the game into acooperative or solo campaign game . The isnt a dedicated figure range to the rules ,justbuse what you have but I found afew printed ranges on the internet and ordered a few items from aGerman company called Patrick miniatures ,they make really nice stuiff and the service is excellent . Below are photos of figures covering all the main groups in the rules plus bits of scenery ,the Pripyat ghost town monument ,Pripyat was the town ,the 9th atomgrad built in 1970 to serve the Chernobyl reactor and was evacuated after the Chernobyl disaster and remains abandoned ,I also bought a soviet store ,a lovely piece that comes with a removable roof and 4 different shop signs to choose from ,really nice figures with amazing detail .

Monday, 6 December 2021

Torpedo Raiders ,the Bismarck and Taranto

Played 2 standard scenarios from the Torpedo Raiders rule book,the first was the Bismarck action which resulted in a German Victory ,i lost one swordfish and only managed to cause 3 points of damage .The second was the taranto scenario ,I faired slightly better this time ,my first wave of 6 swordfish caused 4 points of damage to the vittoreo Veneto at the loss of 2 swordfish ,the second wave again lost 2 aircraft and manged 3 points of damage on the Littorio. Becoming addicted to this clever little game

Sunday, 5 December 2021

Innsmouth Gold

Played the Innsmouth Gold Pulp Alley scenario today ,really unlucky dice rolls saw all but one of my league being over come by the ever growing number of Deep Ones and the cards for challenges and perils were very unkind as well ,plus once my league started drawing horror cards I was struggling ,some how Proffessor Quatermass managed to get to the boat with the artifact and escape so technically a win .Great fun' Buildings by TT combat , boats are any scale , jettys by Ainsty , the deep ones aminly Northstar and the good guys by Artizan ,the mats are urban matz and the sea a cheap tablecloth .

Saturday, 4 December 2021

Torpedo raiders first game

Found some battle boards on the internet and printed and laminated those and played a simple game using one swordfish against the bismarck .The game Played really well and is simple to pick up ,although i managed to lose the first one by flying into a ballon cable and losing my wing .The playing cards dictate what the enemy does and picking a card from your hand lets you deal with the enemy action or work out if your torpedo attack is succesful .In the full game you have one or more flights of aircraft taking on the enemy ships , each aircraft is a mini game and you play each aircraft in the flight one after the other so each scenario is made up of a number of small games which add up to determine your success or failure. Going to do the full bismarck game with the full flight of Swordfish .