Saturday, 3 October 2015

British Legion Raffle 2015

Our yearly raffle to support the British legion will be held at the Wargames Emporium Orchard Square Sheffield on 5th December .I have begun sending requests for prize donations out today and will update weekly as usual . Tickets will be on sale in the next couple of weeks through wargames emporium, on line and through myself .More detals to follow .

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Batman Miniature Game

Played our first game tonight and really enjoyed it ,made a couple of errors but lots of fun . I played the cape crusader and John used the Bane gang surprisingly I won as well .

Monday, 21 September 2015

Batman table layout

Just a simple layout to see if I had enough terrain for the Batman Miniature Game .Most of the buildings and bits are TT combat a few multiverse in there as well . The vehicles are a mix of eaglemoss , knight models and poundland specials all the figures are Knight .

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Frostgrave Figure Review

As you will know the staff at the Wargames Emporium got my mate John and myself hooked on Frostgrave the new game from Osptrey and Northstar ,so we bought a rule book and a pack of Wizards each and a box of plastic soldiers between us. The plastics divided nicely into 2 spues each giving us 10 figures each and 10 bases as well . Each Sprue holds 5 torso's and enough arms and heads to give each figure a different look .There are spare arms /weapons but you only get 10 heads so if you were building 20 you would have to double up which normally is not a problem with plastic hordes but seeing as this is a skirmish game and the heads areactually very well made and distinctive it would be obvious which ones are doubled . The sprues contain a lot of pack backs , bags , quivers ,ropes and other goodies to hang from the figures so again each torso can be made to look different . The plastics went together very well the  the poses are quite natural ,the only dodgy ones being my fault when sticking them together in my haste . Each figure is attached to a small base but the set comes with some round flat bases for the game .

The metal figures are lovely and come in the usual clam shell packaging with a handy colour pic of the figures . There is a wizard and an apprentice in each pack . I purchased the Witches ,which  (excuse the pun ) unusually were male ,both very nice figures but had alot of flash which cleaned of nicely without having to hack away at the detail .Due to the metal figures coming with asmall integral base if you then put them on bases to match the plstic figures they stand slightly higher but then again they are the galant heroes so no problems really .

The Plastics work out at about a£1.00 each which is great value as they can double up for any fantasy game and most of them could appear in some historical armies as well plus I ended up with lots of spare bits that can be used as treasure
The first 5 Soldiers

The  2nd lot 

The Wizards with aplastic soldier for comparison 
,The metals work out at £3.00 per figure which is not bad compared to ther manufacturers character or hero figures .


Saturday, 5 September 2015

Cheap Russian Armour - The conclusion

The Russian made 1/72nd scale die cast models being sold in the Works stores at £2.00 each were a bargain I couldnt resisi ,after my earlier post I bought a few more , I think  I have finished now (maybe)

PT76-GAZ Tigr -T55

Su76 and  a trio of SU122's

T34's flanked by JS11

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Frostgrave -the second game .

Called in on  the Wargames Emporium games night and had my second game of frostgrave played a bit more of an in depth game and managed to lose in a record time ,my wizard performing an amazingly bad spell and gifting my enemy with an easy victory .Great fun and I came away with the rules ,a wizard pack and sharing a box of plastics with John ,a good night ,now to paint them .
Tonights game ,a bit more violent and faster than our 1st game .

My spoils -well purchases  less than £25 quid for enough to play most games .

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Zulu War Colonial Cavalry Unit

I wanted a mixed mounted unit for my Zulu War rules " Nothing Remains But To Fight "and with the packs available from Empress Miniatures I was able to make a 12 figure unit without having any odd figures left over. The unit consists of 4 Natal Carabiniers , 4 Natal Mounted Police , 2 Newcastle mounted Rifles and 2 Buffalo Border Guard . All of these units did take part at Ishandlawana and rode together on patrol and bodies were found together in or close to "Durnfords Donga " the famous last stand of that controversial hero (or villain) of the battle . The figures are very nice but come with huge amounts of flash in the most awkward places and a lot had the helmet spike misformed or even missing so I had to improvise to replace some of them .Overall very chuffed with them and now I can play test the mounted rules now I am happy with the Infantry rules as I may have mentioned my rules won the best participation game at Triples this year and we had great feed back on them ,so hopefully the play tests on mounted and artillery units will be as good .

The unit moves from the bush to the cliff edge 

Dismount for the last stand . 

Wednesday, 26 August 2015


I was invited to the Wedneday games night at the Wargames Emporium in Sheffield for a demo game of the new rules from Osprey and Northstar , Frostgrave. A fantasy treasure hunt game ,I had seen the figures on Northstars site but didnt know much about it so I went along with John Grayson to see what it was all about . We only played the Demo version so a lot was left out but I have to admit we were both hooked ,it was a quick brutal fun game ,the wizards arn't all powerful ,in fact they can end up doing more damage to them selves if the dice roll wrongly ,speaking of which my first 3 rolls on a D20 all resulted in1's so you can see how the game went for me . The game reminded me a little of Mordhiem but a lot quicker and lots more fun using all the Magic and treasure hunting rules will had more fun and stratergy and make the game last longer than the 30 minutes it took us .There is also a campaign system which allows you to buld your band and increase all their powers and skills . Overall great night and a fantastic game which we both agreed will be creeping into our collections .

A shot of the Emporiums lovely terrain and figures 

A close up of the action 

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Cheap Russian Armour

The Works chain of stores are selling 20mm die cast Russian AFV's at £2 per vehcle ,they are originall from a Russian  part works and some later appeared in an eaglemoss collection as well ,  and sell at between £8 and £15 each on evil bay so grabbed a few for different projects. Lots of different kit but all Russian but this included lend lease staurts ,grants and other bits of worth a look if WW2 or cold war 20mm is your thing