Thursday, 5 March 2015

Rorke's Drift work in progress

Just put all the scenery together for our Triple's game just to check what I had and what was still needed. A lot of it still needs painting and need some more bush pieces ,stone walls and a better Kraal  ,also need a cookhouse and ovens. Most of the bits come from the warlord Rorkes Drift set had to buy some extra barricades also from Warlord ,the tents are Rendera  plastic ones based on old DVD's the bush area's I bought from some one at Triple's a few years ago .

from the barricades looking past the Hospital

From the overgrown area 

From the rear of the Hospital looking at the storehouse

The biscuit box wall's

Dofferent angle of the complete(almost)thing the tents at the far corner

Campsite at bottom left 

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Wargraves at Scampton -an update

One of my older posts from August 2013

was about the graveyard at RAF Scampton and the WW2 German Graves there , Simon Neale has kindly provided slink to more information and Photos of some of the German Aircrew .

Thanks Simon

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


My latest Zulu Regiment the INDLUYENGWE an unmarried regiment that fought at Rorkes Drift ,Khambula and Ulundi .The usual 32 figure unit this one also has a 6 figure skirmish unit as well ,as with the other units  a mix of Empress ,warlord games and war-games factory .

INDLUYENGWE black shield with white spot

with the rest of my finished Zulu's 

starting to look menacing now . 

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Legacy of the Rorkes Drift Heroe's Volume 2.

The 2nd volume of Kris Wheatleys series is the same format as the 1st ,a really interesting read about the fortunes of the lesser known defenders and their decendents .Not so much info about Rorke's Drift in this one but some cracking stories of the trials and tribulations of the veterans .
This volume covers :

Thomas Collins
Thomas Lewis
Thomas Levi Luddington
William Neville
William Partridge
Alfred Saxty
Arthur Sears.


Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Wednesday night Naval ?

Popped in to SWGS club last night and out of the blue was invited to take part by John Armatys to take part in a WW1 naval game ,really enjoyed it , my contribution consisted of my German cruiser being hounded by Tim Gow's destroyers .Great fun sadly didn't take any pics but I am sure some will appear on Tims blog

Tim dressed for the part last night 

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Lieutenant Gonville Bromhead VC

Another character for my Rorkes Drift game This time Bromhead of the 24th foot .Portrayed in the Classic movie Zulu by Michael Caine .Empress miniatures do a historical version and the movie version and I have done both as the game planned for Triples will be based on the movie and a little tongue in cheek being participation game.

My Name is .......

Gonville Bromhead 

both together 


The uDhloko regiment that fought at Rorkes Drift ,Uludi and Khambula . Figures are a mix of mainly warlord plastics with a few war-games factory plastic and a couple of Empress metals . The mounted figure will represent Prince Dabulumanzi Kmapandi who led the impi that attacked Rorkes Drift after being held in reserve at Isandlwana .


32 figures mounted on 1p coins in war bases  movement trays


all my finished Zulu's so far .