Monday, 15 August 2022

Ambush Alley =The Next War

Itys taken quite a while but its here at Last ,the latest version off Force on Force from Ambush Alley Games . AmbushAlley The Next War is available fromWargames Vault as a download at the moment its awork in progress but as Shawn updates orf adds things you will get free updates once you have purchsed this version . This set covers skirmish actions from the cold war period to the far future A really exciting deveopement from Peggy and Shawn .

Sunday, 14 August 2022

The Morning after , another 54mm Works Drift figure

Finished this chap , another 54mm Benito He looks tired and weary after the long bloody fight around the mission staion ,his unform is ripped and dirty and he has lost or removed his gaiters ,his Martini Henry in one hand and his helmet in the other .

Wednesday, 10 August 2022

02-00hours scenic items and objectives

With the game due to arrive in the next few weeks I thought I would get all the scenic bits finished . All the items can obviuosly be used in any game ,these should cover alot of the scenarios in the rule book . The Chateau ,radar ,search light ,green house and aircraft plus most of the mdf are from sarissa ,the rest of the MDF is TT combat , the vehicles , ammo dumps and field command set are from Anyscale models if you game in 20mm or 28mm you need to look at Anyscales range there will be something you need. I painted the mdf aircraft in a generic dark camo without markings so it could be used by either side either to let the evil gestapo officer escape or to fly the rescued scientist out of Nazi occupied europe , the green house of course is just for the odd Para to land in . the mat is by Urbanmatz Cant wait to get these on the table and start playing the game

Wednesday, 3 August 2022

Fear of the Dark 2nd Edition

The 2nd Edition of Fear of the Dark is released today on Wargames vault . The rules are aimed at solo or cooperative games set in the world of Cthulu type horror ,since its initial release its author David has fully supported the game with lots of free scenarios and in fact if you purchased the first edition of the rules the 2nd is a free download as well ,if not its well worth purchasing . Also there seems to have been a lot of input from some really nice chaps mentioned inside the front cover

Monday, 1 August 2022

More scenic bits for 02:00 hours

A few more bits to be used with 02:00 hours,this time resin from Any ScaleModels a gestapo Citron , A opel Blitz and a map table sandbag set ,all cracking models and great quality ,price and sevice as always

Friday, 29 July 2022

A few Scenic Items

Ordered afew items from Sarrissa in anticipation for the upcoming 02:00 hours game but of course will fit into many different time periods .

Monday, 25 July 2022

24th at Rorkes Drift

Took my box of 54mm stuff away on holiday with me and managed to finish one I started about 2 years ago , a lovely figure of a private of the 24th foot at Rorkes Drift . The private is shown at the ready stood outside one of the buildings waiting for the next Zulu attack. As our new caravan has lots of display shelving I moved my other 54mm figures to their new home and even started the next figure ,again a 24th soldier at Rorkes Drift but this time stood on the mealie bag wall in arather tattered uniform with a zulu sheild and other bits giving the impression it is after the battle and he is scanning the horizon for the relief column or the return of the Zulus .Hopefully get this finished and post a picture after our next visit

Sunday, 24 July 2022

Burrows and Badgers games

Spent a week away and took my full burrows and Badgers collection away hoping to get a few games in and managed 2 which was good, both games fun , the first involved a bacis meet up anf fight between the Jockobites,led by Bonnie Prince Snarlie and his second Ginger Tom the wildcat , these would relie on getting in close and hitting hard with hand to hand with alittle magic from Rownena the hedgehog witch ,the opponents were a gang my grand daughter normally uses the CatnMouse gang which is basically a load of mice with a cat for a bit of muscle ,these relie on long range shooting with bows and crossbows and 2 magic users one using magic to assist the gang the other to cause havoc to the opponenets gang . Secondary objectives were drawn with the mice getting Invade and Showdown while the Scary Hignland Jockobites drew Delikver and assasinate . The game lasted 6 turns and was very much action packed with magixc from both sides being effective and the shooting from the mice archers hitting home but not causing too much damage but hitting most of the Jockobites . Once hand to hand started happening the mice started to suffer but the mouse nun sister Tinker used her magic skills to heal some wounds ,then things started to look good for the CatnMouse gang as long rang shooting and a final charge into close combat by the mouse Titch Dumpling took the Squirrel Nuts McPhee out of action and in a brave duel the mouse leader Aramouse the mouseketeer took on The Jockobite leader so getting their secondary Objective Showdown completed and this gave the mice a sudden inspiration and most of the Jockobites including Rowna the witch were hit by some fantastic shooting . However things didnt stay good for long the Jockobites winning their secondary objective Deliver before the game came to a end so a draw was declared as everyone left the field to lick their wonds a great fun game .
The 2nd game was the Take and Hold Scenario from the rule book John chose the Jockobites and I took the Pirates of Blud Riva The secondary objectives drawn were Secure for John and Assasinate for myself John ahd the clever idea of wiping out my entire gang which would give him the secnario win and also his seconday objective , I seemed to have no battle plan at all ,needless to say John won. I sufffered the dice gods displeasure and had little luck , my black powder weapons all rolling 1's on their first use so misfiring and being useless for the rest of the game an outstanding vistory for the Jockobites and Bonnie Prince Snarlie and humiliation for the Puffin Captain C. Bird and his pirate gang .

Thursday, 7 July 2022

A bit of terrain

Had these bits from TT Combat for ages but in anticipation of 02:00 hours arriving soon thought I would get them done ,as all TT stuff really easy to put together and were easy to paint .02:00 hours is the new game from Grey For Now which deals with small scale skirmish games set during ww2 and involves with night time raids . I ordered the pre order set which is due some time in August and I am really looking forward to it , anyone signing up for the newsletter got a free dowwnload of the rules and they read really well .