Saturday, 25 July 2015

TT combat whare house

I bought the TT combat MDF Whare House kit and have been really happy not only with the service ,great speedy delivery ,well packaged but also the kit itself . It went together really easy ,less than an hour to build the full building and all the packing cases that come with it . I will be using it for 7TV ,zombie tv and Batman I will post more pics when its painted ,batman and the tumbler are in there for scale they are 32mm .

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Joy of Six 2015

Our charity game at this years Joy of Six show was a WW2 with difference ,it covered an action in Iraq with the British KingsCorp taking on the Iraqi forces ,rules were the GHQ WW2 rules and all the figures and scenery were also GHQ .All painted by John Grayson. The game was a close run thing with the Brits (me ) suffering terrible dice roles . This years show was at anew bigger venue and had more traders and games than before ,well worth visit .

The first few pics are of our Game .

This and the following are some of the great games on display 

Friday, 17 July 2015

A Bridge Too Far -A Jeep Too Small

My good friend John Grayson brought me into the 28mm world of Bolt Action WW2 gaming by talking me into buying the rule set but then giving me a complete army ,a British Airbourne platoon .The figures are a mix of Artizan ,Crusader and Bolt Action .The first 2 makes mix no problem but the Bolt Action figures are a lot slimmer and slightly shorter but will be ok in different units ,the jeeps how ever are different story as the pictures below will show .
The Bolt Action Resin -nice 

The Artizan metal -very nice 

but when you put the 2 together ........

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Knight Models SWAT Van

I have just finished the swat van for BMG from knight models , aMDF kit . I must admit the kit was the easiest MDF kit I have had to build but it was the hardest to get off the "sprue" or what ever the wooden bit around the model is called ,the laser cutting was not finished and it took ages to prise it free , however the laser cut wording was del enough to allow painting but they do need aspell checker . I added the toughened glass windows myself ,the kit is pretty poor really with nothing supplied for windows or interior and I even had to cut the doors to shape but over all anise bit of scenery for the game .

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Holocaust Pt9-Operation anthropoid and the Nuremburg Trials

our final visits were to the church of St Cyril and Methodius the place where the assassins  of Heydrich were cornered and finally took their own lives ,the operation to kill Heydrich has always been controversial due to the reprisals which claimed over 5,000 lives . Finally we visited the Nuremburg courts where the Nazi's that had not either committed suicide or had escaped were put on trial . The court building is now a museum but court 600 is still working court we were lucky during our visit the court was not in use and we could enter and take pictures . Overall an amazing and very emotional 2 weeks but something everyone should experience .
The Church today

The memorial to the Parachutists you can still see the battle damage 

some of the original benches which the prisoners sat on 

A model of court 600 at the time of the trials

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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Holocaust Pt8 -Terezin

Originally a fort and walled town built by Emperor Joseph 11 , the Gestapo turned it into a prison in 1940 and was eventually to become a ghetto and concentration camp .At least 2,600 people died here ,after the war it was used by the Red Cross and then was used as a barracks . Today the area is very run down and even though it is becoming popular with tourists visiting the camp and museum it has very little other income.

The Ghetto area is still occupied today 

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Holocaust Pt7-Auschwitz and Auschwitz- Birkenhau

Not a lot can be said that has not already been said about this horrifying place ,other  than this was the most moving experience of our tour .There were some areas that you were not allowed to take pictures of such as the huge cabinets full of human hair and artificial limbs .The things that hit me the most was the sheer size of the 2 camps .