Sunday, 21 May 2017

Battlegroup Tobruk -more vehicles .

Another 3 trucks finished ,this time Tillys from any scale models and another Dingo from early war miniatures ,the transports will be for my heavy weapons teams and the Dingo will be my recon officer . I have ordered some more tanks from EWM and I'm still waiting for a order from SHQ (not happy with the service from SHQ this time) and then I should have every thing I need just need to get them built and painted along with my PSC 25pdrs and that'll be Tobruk finished .

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Naval Thunder ,second game

Played our 2nd game of Naval thunder last night at the club ,this time we tried the rules for Battleships .We did a fictional encounter between the Royal Navies warspite and Valiant against Vichy France's Dunkerque and Bretagne . The Fench ships displayed some fantastic long range gunnery and while the British gunfire was terrible they did manage to knock 2 secondary turrets off the Bretagne and started a fire on the Dunkerque but the French damage control teams were just as good as their gunners and put the fire out before it did any real damage . The 2 British battle wagons had to (very slowly) leave the table only just managing to stay afloat . A great game the rules are fast play but are realistic and we are looking forward to trying out the aircraft and sub rules and bigger fleets before we begin our campaign .sadly i forgot to take any pictures but the Topside minis stole the show with the club members showing a lot of interest in them .

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Naval Expansion -my new Topside Minis for Naval Thunder

Just recieved some more top side Minis for my proposed navl campaign ,these are just fantastic I did a game Sheffield War-games Society a few weeks ago and another club member was hooked so we split the P&P and Import duties . Another game tomorrow of Naval Thunder will post a AAR soon.
Royal Navy 


More French

More Italians

Axis Merchants

all sorts of Air power

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Battlegroup Tobruk -British

Forward HQ -SHQ figures anyscale staff car
Managed to get my Brits up to fighting strength ,altough far from finished I still have a lot of kit to paint but at least I can have a small game .
Dispatch Rider-Early War Miniatures,nice to but rider way out of scale 
Platoon HQ and 2" mortar -SHQ figures and Anyscale lorry

the 3 sections of the platoon each includes a bren -SHQ with PSC lorries

My infantry Tanks -Airfix

Forward Observer-Early war miniatures

Recce foot patrol -SHQ

Tomahawk -Oxford die cast

Hurricane -Easy model -(yes wrong mark)

Spitfire against the African sky(sheffield actually and yes wrong MK again but the 3 came as a set form amazon for a tenner 

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Flames of War Desert Terrain

Not being very good at it or having the time to build it ,I do buy lots of ready made terrain ,on my recent trip into the War-games emporium I thought I would buy some of the flames of war desert stuff to use with my Battlegroup Tobruk game ,the stuff is made for 15mm and I game in20mm but hey what scale is a hill? .First box is the escarpment set ,I like these ad they fit well with the 20mm toys ,if the sand had been the colour on the box it would have been perfect for my basing but I will have to dry brush them a little . The second box is the palm tree set ,this is not so good the base boards dont sit level they are warped ,the tree bases don't accept the plugs on the trees so I am going to have to drill the bases or cut the plugs and glue them down it would have been good if they plugged in to make transport easier and again the very dark sand finish.Not at all happy with this set. I think they retail about £25 each I got a SWGS club discount and bought a lot of other bits so not too sure.Both sets are ok for 20mm scale .

Escarpments 8 out of 10

palms 5 out of 10

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Battle of Cape Spada

Did my first proper game of Naval Thunder last night at Sheffield wargames Society ,we did the battle of Cape Spada scenario ,it almost was an accurate refight ,then things started going dramatically wrong for the Brits with some really poor shooting .The game ended with a British destroyer sunk ,one failing a command test and leaving and the Sydney clinging on for dear life flooding and listing badly ,luckily the remaining British Destroyers valiantly got in the way and some great gunnery saw one of the Italian cruisers disappear in a sheet of flame and the other on fire failed its command roll and left with its tail between its legs. The rules played brillliantly after turn 2 we were only refering to the rule book when the quick play sheet instructed us to .We both enjoyed it and so did then onlookers  and my Topside minis caused quite a stir as well ,getting a order together between some of us so we can split postage and import costs. A great night lots of fun and chat between the club members we  are going from strength to strength well done to our new committee .
set up at start of game 
The Australian cruiser closes in on the unsuspecting Italians who were busy chasing the destroyers about 

oops feet getting wet 

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Naval Thunder -test game

I have my first game of Naval Thunder planned for this coming Wednesday at sheffield wargames society so thought I would have a quick play test to make sure I have at least the basic rules under my belt. I printed off data sheets for a battleship and cruiser for each side ,then set about a simple game which basically involved just shooting at each other .The rules are straight forward but pretty exciting  really enjoyed it and I am looking forward to the proper game on wednesday.
The ship data cards laid out with the appropriate Topside Minis ship s

Sheffield opens fire at medium range ,rolling 6 D10's ..and scoring 1 hit 

Damage rolled on 2 D10's =a score of 12

look it up on the chart

add the damage ,really simple most stuff just reads off the data card was playing without the rule book after 20mins or so .

Friday, 21 April 2017

Matilda -Queen of the desert

My finished Matida 11's for Battlegroup Tobruk ,nice to build and the caunter paint job was pretty easy to do but the decals were awful to apply .

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Battlegroup Tobruk -work in progress

The Tobruk book arrived last week so spurred me into starting my Tank section ,3 Matilldas in Caunter ,The tanks are Airfix which were not too bad to make the camo's a pain though.