Thursday, 19 January 2017

Star Wars -Imperial Assault

My first game of 2017 last night at sheffield Wargames society (an excellent turn out last night with a huge selection of games ) was a game purchased by John Grayson ,Star Wars Imperial assault, a board/figure game mix . John has bought a few expansions as well so not exactly sure what is in the main box but I can say the game played very well and we were cruising along nicely after aboout 30 minutes of play without too much rule book use

. The quality of the board pieces and tokens etc was fantastic the dice were big and colourful but the best bit were the figures I can see people buying this and the expansions just for the figures .A good start to my gaming year  (plus I won- key star wars theme ) 10/10

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Rubicon 1/56th scale Panther Review

One of Birthday presents was this kit from rubicon models ,my first dealings with this company .It is a very nice kit ,crisp with very little work needed to clean up ,it went together really well the instruction sheet is very simple but helpful, most parts have location slots to make things easier it took me less than an hour to build it .The kit allows the building of a Ausf D or A ,I chose the A model.Also included is a nice Decal sheet containing some random tank numbers and for some reason Afrika Korps symbols , I am not marking it up as a specific unit so the lack of unit  markings won't bother me , all the sprues and decals are wrapped separately inside a nice box. It is war games model so not a master piece but it is very detailed for what it is .9/10
Nice box art 

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Urbanmatz 6x4 Desert and 6x4 Snow Mats

I recieved a couple more Urbanmatz for Christmas ,if youve seen my earlier posts you will know I cannot rate these high enough .This time my good lady bought me a 6x4 desert mat which will fit into a number of games ,7tv,ww2 desert wild west etc and Urbanmatz themselves sent me a 6x 4 Snow territory , as before both camm in fantastic zip up carry cases and the service again was great ,6 days from order to arrival even with the christmas rush . 10/10 again .
The mats safely in their carry bags 

close up of the desert 

the full mat 

a snowy close up 

the full thing 

Monday, 9 January 2017

new projects for 2017

Ive decided to try 3 new projects this year besides trying to finish off and add to my exsisting armies

Project 1 = 28 ACW ,after my visit to the ACW battlefields last year I thought about doing ACW in various scales 6mm,15mm and 20mm but decided on 28mm using the new edition of Sharpes Practice by too fat lardies ,I have picked the first battle of Bull Run for my armies so lots of colour and strange uniforms rather than the long lines of Blue and Grey .

Project 2 = The 8th army for the upcoming Battlegroup Tobruk rules this will be 20mm using Airfix ,plastic Soldier Company vehicles and SHQ infantry with a few odd items such as die cast aircraft etc .

Project 3 = 28mm WW2 skirmish using Bolt Action by Warlord games ,I had small forces of U.S Airbourne ,Germans and British bought me for christmas so doing very late war period  Arnhem ,crossing the Rhine etc

No doubt each project will expand and I will update hopefully on a regular basis ,wish me luck .

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Christmas Toys

My good lady has obviously has a secret leaning to wargaming as she has spoilt me rotten with lots of wargaming goodness she chose herself with no promtimg from me , all surpises and all perfect ,a stater set for bolt action which includes Germans ,American Para's ,scenery everything in fact to get started plus a British army to go with it and a 6x4 desert mat from Urban mats and as a bonus Martin at Urban mats sent me another 6x4snow  mat as a prezzie too .Hope you all have a great time .

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Anzac BushRangers

My Anzacs are almot complete with this pair of Bush Ranger Gunships ,just afew SAS and its done .

Monday, 19 December 2016


2 more additions to my Anzac forces a pair of Airfix Fire Support M113;s ,I bought them 2nd hand with 1 still in kit form and 1 built .The built one had  the rear panel fitted upside down so abit of stowage and some mud hid that just about. The aerials and HMG's were replaced and they don't look too bad I think .

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Come and Join us .......

Another great night at Sheffield wargames Society ,the committee had a get together ,we all recived our swanky new membership cards and there were a few good games on with  24 people there ,I  played a game put on by John G  , Zvesda's  Art of Tactics with Nog .The new committee really seem to be pulling every thing together and every ones liking the new energy ,come down and have a look at the sleeping giant waking up again .

Membership cards and regular news letters 
A few shots of John Graysons game last night 

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

7TV2 -double episodes .....

put on 2 games of 7TV2 last night at Sheffiueld Wargames Society , did a star wars and a ghostbusters the star wars game got most viewers and I was asked to put more games on as every one seemed to enjoy it . Best of all there seemed a new enthusiasm at the club ,a good turn out lots of members paying membership and a lot of conversation about future gaming  ideas sure the new committee will keep this going and put us back on the map .
both games laid out

planning in action

close study of that card

I'd like to point that out 

who yer gonna call -sheffield wargames society of course