Sunday, 24 July 2016

"We came! We saw! We kicked its ass!"

A couple of new teams for 7TV all crooked dice except the top row of spooks which are all Reaper bones .

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Roads and Rivers

Thought I would treat myself to some Roads and Rivers ,I wanted enough pieces to use on my 6x4mat especiallyfor use with my French Indian wars and english Civil War projects . so after looking at afew companies and being shocked by prices I found Small Terrain Miniature Scenary on Facebook ,after looking at their web store I took the plunge and ordered some bits .I ordered the 7 piece rural road set with the 4 piece straight set and the 8 piece river set along with a ford .I should have ordered the ford with road so it matched up to the road set better but my mistake .The Rivers are resin and the roads are fibre board and the best bit they come ready painted and flocked .The pictures below were just done quickly as I did a quick layout on my Urban matz 6x4 so I could see if I had ordered enough but you should get an idea of quality from these.The quality is good ,and of course staright out of parcel to the table not sat in my cupboard waiting to be pianted. Service was good turn around for something which I think is made to order it took less than 2 weeks ,packaging could have been a bit better ,some of the flock had been flatterened but the pieces had survived my local sorting office so wasnt that bad .For those that want to paint thier own bits the items also come unpainted ,well worth a look the items pictured cost me around £60 painted ,flocked and delivered .


all the river pieces just fall short of 6ft

close up of some of the sections

all the road pieces

close look at the bends


the ford I should have ordered the ford with road .

Thursday, 21 July 2016

The Kingdom is ours -Base Sizes

Thought I would mention base sizes for the kingdom is ours ,when we were planning our armies we started from scratch so decided we would use the base sizes from the rule book ,however we soon found out that the warlord figures we were using seemed very cramped on the bases and it was difficult to put filler and flock between the figures so we enlarged them slightly for foot and horse .We kept the number of figures the same except for Horse bases where we use 3 instead of 4 figures ,this will not matter as the casualties are marked on a tracker rather than removing figures.The sizes we use are shown below next to the rule reccomended sizes .

                              Reccomended                               ours

foot                        40mm x 40mm                             50mm x50mm

Horse                      40mm x 80mm                           50mm x 80mm (3 figs)

Guns                       60mmx80mm                             60mmx80mm

commander             60mm round                               60mm round


Friday, 15 July 2016

a piece of History -soldiers pay book 31 march 1917

I have just been given a Soldiers pay book from the great war ,an amazing document that belonged to John Hatfield of Sheffield of the East Yorks Regiment .It contains some fascinating information showing ,wounds ,pay rates and pension even shows what equipment was not handed back in at end of service (mosquito net -mug and S.B.R 3 ) a wonderful thing which I may sell to raise funds for the Royal British Legion or donate to a museum .

Saturday, 2 July 2016

The Kingdom is ours -another update

I have read the rules a few times now and really like them ,plays been held up by me not having much time to paint stuff but I have all the bits and pieces needed and have just finished a couple of bits for my Tercio . I chose Prince Rupert of the Rhine as my Tercio commander ,King Charles's Nephew he had seen action in the 80 years war and was appointed General of Horse at the start of the Civil war .He was described as "tall ,handsome and of Sparkish dress" he was at first successful but was defeated at Marston Moor where his beloved dog Boy was killed ,Boy was considered a demon by the parliamentarians with claims he could become invisible and spy on enemy camps and catch bullits aimed at his master ?. After surrendering Bristol and attempting to talk his uncle into seeking peace he was dismissed .After the war he served the French and saw more action until the restoration when he became governor of windsor Castle and taking up Science  as a hobby even converting a room at Windor into a lab .
 He died in 1682. The First Regiment I have finished was by coincidence Prince Ruperts regiment ,they saw much actionespecially in the North but were wiped out at Naesby the survivors becoming part of the Garrison at Bristol with Rupert.

Prince Rupert of the Rhine and Boy

A nice but fragile figure from warlord 

Prince Ruperts Blew Regiment of Foote

Again Warlord mainly plastic but with some metal command flags by Flags of War

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

My daughters Blog

My youngest daughter Hanna is studying film and media at collage and planning to go on to uni to study film , I brought her up correctly and she has grown up to be  Hammer horror fan .For her course She has started blog for her film studies so if you want to pop along and maybe you will enjoy her blog and inspire her on to fame and fortune .

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Wednesday Night Gaming -Project Z

Gave Warlord Games new zombie game ago last night , John grayson bought everything that warlord had to offer plus other stuff as well , the game itself was a bit confusing even though the rules are simple fast play affairs the rules are split between 2 slim rule books so you are having to jump between the 2 , also the scenario we played called for a 4x3 table with the starting points for each side the humans could scoot around the table ,complete their objective and get off table before the zombies got near them ,so a few issues that can be easliy sorted .The plastic figures are very nice alot better than they look on the web site so possibly alot more zombie fun in the future . I sadly forgot to take pictures other than the one below of a ambulance which john picked up from a 2nd hand  shop which has flashing lights and sounding siren ,hours of fun there .
lights sounds action 

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Wednesday night Gaming - Predator

Last night at sheffield wargames Society we played the Predator scenario (bungle in the Jungle )from AAG's classidied expansion .A good game with some home grown add ons ,the alien took out a few non descript troops before tackling Jesse Ventura and his mini gun and was given a nasty wound allowing the rest of the team to blast it to bits ,which goes to prove that you dont mess with a big Jesse . The jungle bits are the stuff Ive been making for my Nam project ,the mat is the 6x4 grasslands from urban matz the buildings are an old Brittania resin and a Sarissa MDF which is 15mm but fits very nicley with the 20mm stuff .
the table

Britannia 20mm resin&Sarissa 15mmMDF

Elheim figures

the bad guy 

AAG's classified expansion ,excellent as always 

Friday, 20 May 2016

boxer rebellion kick starter

My very good friends at the Wargames Emporium have started a kick stater cover the boxer rebellion ,covers all the particpants ,really nice figures have alook here :