Saturday, 31 May 2014

Bocage review

on the table 
Just wanted to show off some of the bocage hedges made by Dave Parsons the Sheffield Based Figure painter the 28mm pieces are very nice and a great price as well ,£3.50 each or 4 for £12.00 or a set of 12 which includes a entrance piece for £30 , which are not bad for 28mm scale pieces ,as you can see they are not just large hedges but on raised banking as the real thing is.
single piece

12pc set inc entrance and gun position.
You can contact Dave for these or figure painting commissions at
please let him know you saw it here as he is one of my sponsors for the Royal British Legion.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

They are Tiny ........

Ok a total change for us our next fundraising game will be at the JOY OF SIX show in Sheffield , run by Baccus and Wargames Emporium so 6mm vehicles and terrain on the work bench ,so if I still have my eye sight we will see you at the show .

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The battle of Holden-bad-Grayson

Our fund raising game for the British Legion was a little different this year ,set in the small German town of Holden-Bad-Grayson in the 1980's,  a small B.A.O.R force had to try and hold out against the mighty Soviet forces .

Both sides had a chance of reinforcements  which would arrive when charitable on lookers donated £1 and bought either a warpact or Nato card each one had extra forces which may or may not have aided the chosen side.

Day 1
The soviets poured Armour at the village leaving the infantry trailing behind
A brave Scorpion tried to stop the Red Tide but was blown apart by aT72 , this loss was followed by a Scimitar disappearing in a cloud of smoke as another T72 claimed a kill ,then a little hope a Scorpion suppressed aT72 but did little damage . The Brit infantry claimed a little revenge by taking out a BMP with a Carl Gustav .

Turn 2
The remaining Scorpion was destroyed by a T72 a Lynx Helicopter appeared briefly firing a barrage of AT missiles but causing no damage at all .

Turn 3
The T72's struck again mowing down a couple of infantry caught in the open and aBMP caused another squaddies  doom.The British struck back with a Carl Gustav killing 1 T72 and a Milan  knocking out the main gun of another T72,then the lynx reappeared and took out aBMP .
Turn 4
The relentless Red Tide pushed forward taking out a section of infantry and a milan team ,pushing deep into the town the British had no choice but to fall back in their FV 432's.

Day 2 The game was re run on the Sunday
Turn 1
Things started well for the Brits , a T72 killed by aMilan team ,but then one of the Ruskie tanks destroyed a Scorpion and 2 reinforcement cards brought on a Styker for the Brits but a T62 platoon for the Russians
Turn 2
1 T72 was destroyed and another damaged by a pair of Carl Gustavs , the Russian advance begins to falter .
Turn 3
a T72 gets revenge by destroying one of the Carl Gustav teams but an SAS stay behind team cunningly hiding in the derailed train (another card drawn by a member of the public) called in a very impressive Air Strike taking out 1 BMP and damaging 2 others virtually stopping the Red advance on the right flank as Morale started to fail .

Turn 4
The British infantry took some heavy losses but in return immobilised 2 T72's and a BMP and though losing a Scimitar a hail of Milan and Carl Gustav AT missiles and the Stryker moving into a perfect killing point caused the Red attack to stop and the demoralised Russians turned and fled .

Both games were great and amazingly both lasted four turns ,and both had outcomes which was good one win each and we had lots of questions about the games and the models from the public and a few invites to various games rooms around Yorkshire and most importantly we raised a few quid for the British Legion. Thanks to everyone for their help and support

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Sheffield Triples Day 2

in the beginning 

a Milan waits to trap aT72

oooh reinforcements

lots of burning Warpact kit 

The Game  we used force on force ,cold war gone hot to raise funds for the Royal British Legion . We raised a moderate amount and as I always say every penny helps. The game on Saturday resulted in an impressive win for the warpact But Sundays game left a trail of destroyed T72's ,Bmp's and other assorted vehicles and the B.O.A.R in a position to chase them from the board . I will post more detailed AAR's later .

We had a really interesting chat with Tim Gow and John Armatys about which rule set to use for up coming project ,got lots of invites to run games at various places got a new sponsor in Karl from Crooked Dice Games of 7TV fame and we must give a really big thank you to Sheffield Wargames Society not only for their help but a really nice donation as well . Thanks to every one who stopped by to chat and ask questions a really nice weekend .

Sheffield Triples 2014 Day 1

the layout

Brits advance

all quiet

Burning vehicles litter the battle field

a T72 leaves destruction behind it 

A lynx strikes 

B.A.O.R starts to pull back 
An assortment of pictures from our 1st day of gaming and fund raising at Sheffield Triples .

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Charlie G

A charlie G launches 
A T72 explodes 
 but there were a few more .

 tonights game started off well for me as my first shot from a Carl Gustav took out a T72  but that was it really for me as the Ruskies smashed through my meagre forces before reinforcements arrived .

Saturday, 10 May 2014

I have been nominated for a Liebster award by Carl Packham  Hitting on a Double 1 Blog .

The Liebster is a nomination for Blogs you follow and enjoy and the idea is you nominate some one then they do the same spreading the word about these great blogs.

Heres how you do it

Copy and paste a link to the blogger who gave it you

pass the award to blogs you like ideally between 5&10 which have less than 200 followers and leave them a comment on one of their posts to notify them you have given them an award

You do not have to pass it on and if you only follow 1 or 2 blogs don't worry give it to them

Now the fun bit ,state 10 truths about your self

Choose 11 questions your self

Answer the 11 questions sent by the nominee

My Nominations are :

10 truths about me:

1. I cry at sad bits in war movies
2. I used to have very long hair and a leather jacket ,pure rocker
3. really love my partner 5 kids and 2 grand kids.
4. Just been promoted at work into a job I love
5 in my previous work met the Queen and Prince Phillip and loads of celebs
6 I am a Royalist
7 Hate shopping unless its for books or war-games stuff
8 need to lose weight
9 hate to see Britain sinking in to the mess we are becoming
10 hate talking about my self .

The questions from Carl for me were :

Why did you start Blogging :   I originally started the blog to help with my fund raising for the Royal British Legion but it has helped me get to grips with my painting back log .

If you could change one thing about the wargaming hobby what would it be : How unfriendly some war-games clubs are

What is best in life          Family and friends

Do you want to live forever . No except in my families memories

Fame or Fortune .      I already have both ,well in the fact I have great friends and a loving family

What is your worst habit .  Being untidy

One activity you want to do but never got round to it .      Learning to fly fast jets

Star Trek or Star Wars .   Neither Babylon 5 for me

If you had to buy from just one miniature company from now on which  would it be .    BUGGER thats the hardest one I would hate this to happen ,probably the wargames emporium has they stock 80% of what I need

Favourite Holiday destination       Florida and Scotland and Wales  (i know i cheated on this one )

What is your favourite Book /Film /character and why :  again very hard one love so many different films and books ............. book treasure island started me reading books and I still love it  /film Zulu  just amazing film /character Baron Frankenstein but only when played by Peter Cushing .

Thanks again carl for my award .

war gamers please answer the same questions I was asked other blogs I have sent you the questions .

Sunday, 4 May 2014

B.A.O.R forward HQ

HQ sets up as a recce force moves forward
 A few pics from a test game of Force on Force -cold war gone hot  .
the recce units move away from the farm 

A infantry platoon begins to take up position

HQ vehicles outside the barn

The Ferret moves out 

A patrol in full NBC gear 

Guards in position

Tanks move up in support

Vehicles are mainly S&S but a couple of RH/Liberation and a Airfix one are in there as well the VW,s are oxford die casts and the  figures a mix of Brittanis Rh and Elheim buildings are the 4Ground ones for PSC which are now discontinued and rules by Ambush Alley