Thursday, 13 February 2014

Devils with Wings:Silk Drop

Just finished part 2 of the Devils with Wings Trilogy by Harvey Black ,This see's Paul,Max and the other Fallschirmjager taking part in the invasion of Greece and Crete ,a really cracking read it is as well . The book covers a lot of ground from  the training and preparation as well as the actual invasion ,the Airbourne invasion of  Crete is gripping to say the least and the following battles and skirmishes have you wanting the Fallschirmjager to get through unscathed even though in this second book they are fighting British and Commonwealth troops , in a well known and bloody conflict. I am really hooked on Harvey Blacks work now and will read the third part of the the Devils trilogy whilst waiting part 3 of his Cold war books . 10/10

You can read more on Harvey's blog

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But best of all buy the books .


  1. I don't blush very often, but your reviews have that effect on me. :) Thanks for your support. I thoroughly enjoyed writing Silk Drop. I walked 14 miles a day in 30+ degree temperatures, in Crete, whilst writing Silk Drop. But, I rewarded myself in the bar on my return. My target is to have DWW Book 4 out in may of next year. In the meantime you will find Frozen Sun even better than Silk Drop. HB

  2. Thank you Harvey ,just started frozen sun tonight and looking forward to the Blue Effect and DWW4 ,can't wait.

  3. Thanks for the recommendation I'll add it to my list to read.

  4. yes highly recommend all Harvey's books