Thursday, 2 January 2014

This years plans

This year I am going to attempt to :
Finish off my Cold War Gone Hot Project .                     
Finish off my Zulu War project . 
Add a little more to my Witch Finder General stuff .
Finish my WW1 Project 
Complete my 7tv Bond cast
Complete my 7tv Tarzan cast
Complete my zombie project 
Complete the Dr Who stuff I have in my pile Before buying more
Paint all the FIW stuff I have before buying more
finish my Ronin 
finish my ww2 germans .
Finish my Saga Vikings
Make and buy more terrain to suit above projects 

Not to get involved in anything else 

Play more games at home, club and shows . 

I am going to update this every month and try to get some thing done in each ,even if its only basing or gluing together 


  1. Finishing stuff off eh? Sounds ambitious! I look forward to seeing you more at SWS.

  2. Very Ambitious for me ,I decided to not buy anything until i had finished at least 2 projects but Elaines just phoned me She has been out on her lunch break and bought me some new toys She thought I would need for my cold war games ? .I will be at the club a lot more this year and get involved a lot more.