Thursday, 16 January 2014

My 1st Game of 2014

the Sopwith Triplane blast the rumpler
 My first war-game of 2014 was Wings of Glory ,the dastardly hun (me) had three of his cowardly pilots blown out of the sky whilst attempting to down a observation balloon .The righteous pilots of the British Commonwealth (Leo ) ,though out numbered fought gallantly and blew the Hun from the sky and even though trailing smoke they made it back home in time for tea and crumpets (well coke and Chinese actually ). A good fun game that hopefully will be the first of many games this year and hopefully my last loss .
another shot of the same action

The final hun fighter moves in for the kill ,which ended in fritz being blown apart 

the boys head back to the drome

trailing smoke ready for his pancake roll and noodles

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