Friday, 8 August 2014

the Seven Samurai (and lesser known friends)

The Northstar set of figures Koryu Buntai for their Ronin game , the box actually contains 9 figures 7 of them are based on the Kurosawa 7 Samurai ,the others I believe are based on other Samurai of the movie world but I have no idea which ones.

Shimasa Kambei


Katayzama Gorobei



Hayashido Heihachi

Okamoto Kayusyiro


Group Shot

All the Seven are named the bottom 2 figures are the unknown (to me) ones I read somewhere the  top one is from a cartoon and is called the Grey Wolf and the other is the Tom Cruise character from the last Samurai being an aid Tom Cruise avoider I cannot comment although pics Ive googled don't really look like this figure ?
The figures are really nice and I have used the Northstar Magazine painting guide for the colours which are based on Colour sketches of the original costumes ,the film of course is black and white ,I have bought the rules and will be off to the war-games Emporium to buy another set soon . 


  1. Super nice! The clothing decoration is very very nice, sir.

  2. Thanks Jay appreciate your comments

  3. They look wonderful, I could be tempted by these myself.

  4. Excellent work I could well be tempted for these I just need to find the right ruleset. Have you seen the upcoming Bushido Kickstarter it looks great Ninja's vs Guards boardgame some amazing looking figures

  5. I've always been looking for the right rules and although not perfect the Ronin rules by osprey are very good