Thursday, 14 March 2013

All Quiet on the Western Front

I have always enjoyed watching this movie ,but when I saw the Limited Edition Blu Ray I just had to buy it ,and its a must .The picture is crystal clear as though it was made yesterday the sound is almost perfect ,theres a couple of points in the film where the sound level drops but only for a few seconds .The disc comes in a hardback 36 page book crammed full of information about the film cast and crew and lots of pictures , the extras on the disc  are interesting they include an introduction by Robert Osbourne ,a insight how the film was restored downloads for I-phone and tablets and the full Silent version for the true buffs(the film was one of the first talkies and a silent version was sent out to theatres which still had not upgraded to sound) .
 The only real gripe I have is there is no standard menu the film starts and you have to access the extras through a pop up menu during the movie.The film is a true classic and I am sure that everywargamer interested in the period has seen it (NOT THE JOHN BOY VERSION ) ,if not why not, so i wont bother going into the story ,but here is a link to a free  pdf of the original book

If you have a blu Ray player then this is a must ,you see so much more than the grainy TV version seen on sunday afternoon ,the battle scenes are very brutal certain deleated scenes have been restored as well which gives it a 12 certificate in the UK . 10 out of 10

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