Friday, 22 March 2013

F.I.W seven day challenge (day2)

Based the Northstar Huron
 Day 2 was helped by the snow every thing I had planned for this morning was called off so straight into the project.Some figures based but as I undercoat outdoors the snowthat helped today might slow up the progress over the next few days .Started painting the French but cleaning the Northstar stuff also slowed me down ,lots of flash it does come off easy but theres loads of it.
Finished (almost) the first Rangers unit, the Galloping Major figures will be all I will purchase in future ,although I sill have some conquest indians and the Last of the Mohicans pack which I will finish.
and the coureur des Bois

Started painting the Compagnies Franches de la Marine & Officer

Finished the 2 indians for the British Allies

The finished four man unit ,bases still wet and need varnish

The Rangers finished ,again wet bases and in need of varnish one figure deserted for this shot

The 6 man unit and officer
The box the northstar figures came in comes in handy for the M&T card deck (still in its own box ) and the tokens for the game.

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