Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Pulp Alley update 5 -THE STRANGERS ?

L-R Simon-Alby-Strange-Algy-Theroux-Donkin
The Strangers
A group of friends gathered together by Professor Strange, the world’s leading specialist in the occult and paranormal .Ready to smash cults, disprove false haunting or fighting evil Strange and his group have many different ways to win the day from brains and brawn to their own knowledge of the occult.
Professor Adam Strange: Leader
After a military career in the Far East and Northwest frontier he developed an interest in the occult and the supernatural which led him to him becoming the world’s greatest expert in this field. He rejoined the army during the Great War where he met and made a lifelong friendship with Corporal Donkin, who saved his life on more than one occasion. Even though he is now in his older years he can still handle himself he prefers to use brains in his crusade against evil.
H D10  -B 2xD10 – S3xD10 – D-2xD8 – M 2xD8 F 3xD10 – C 3xD10
Wealthy-Shrewd – Danger Sense
Baron Theroux: Sidekick
A mysterious French noble who gives away little of his past, even to his comrades. They know he is wealthy ,has many friends around the globe and most importantly ,he has telekinetic powers ,his mind blast has saved them many times and power over certain enemies has proved more than useful.
Hd8 B2xD6 – S3xD8– D2xD6 – M 2xD6 – F 3xD8 – C 3D8

Simon: Ally
His Family murdered by a strange cult that left him for dead ,he was found by strange ,he now devotes himself to the Strangers hoping one day they meet the cult that changed his life forever
HD6 – B 2xD6 – S2xD6 – D1xD6 - M1xD6 – F1xD6 – C1xD6
Donkin: Ally
The Professors devoted batman during the war, was employed by his former officer as a butler, investigator, body guard and general all round sound chap, his military training and street background make him a tough character.
H D6 – B 2xD6 – S2D6 – D 1xD6 – M1D6 – F1xD6 – C1D6

Uncle Algy: Follower
One of Simons Uncles who originally tagged along to keep an eye on their brothers son, but now are full members of this crusading group
HD6 - B1xD6 – S2xD6 – D1xD6 – M1xD6 – F1xD6 – C1xD6
Uncle Albie: Follower
Simons other uncle
HD6 - B1xD6 – S1xD6 – D1xD6 – M1xD6 – F1xD6 – C2xD6

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