Tuesday, 26 March 2013

F.I.W seven day challenge (day 6)

4 man unit of British Allied Indians(conquest )
Rangers Officer in front of his men (Galloping Major)
 Day 6 and Ive finished a day ahead of my Target
Huron french Allies(Northstar)

Coureur des Bois (Northstar)

French Marines(Northstar)

Ranger unit 1(Galloping Major)

Ranger unit 2 (Galloping Major)

French Officer in front of his Marines (Northstar)
All the units I need for this weekends game from bare metal to finished to wargames standard (well my standard at least ) , very pleased with the result and the time it took .I will do this again with some more of my lead mountian but now off to the Galloping Major  website to ponder my reward from my lovely Elaine.

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  1. Great looking troops, Itchy. The officer hollering and high-tailing it away from the Indians is hilarious. Thanks for the chuckle.