Sunday, 17 June 2018

Battle of Britain board game

I have now eventually recieved decent hard plastic aircraft from Plastic Soldier Company for the Battle of Britain game , they are very good quality especially compared with the rubbish they tried to palm everyone off with originally ,so late delivery ,very poor quality ,very little info from the organisor then after waiting months the final insult was its cheaper retail than the kick starter price ?. Ive not purchased any ting from them since and wont again .Thankfully it didnt put me off kick-starters and ive had some great experiences since .I will post pictures later when I have some paint on them .

Monday, 11 June 2018

1943-45 Australian Jungle Division

Finished my Aussies for Bolt Action New Guinea campaign mainly Warlord Games with a few Artizan and Brigade Games bits .
Officer & 2 Infantry

Scout Team

Infantry Section a mix of SMG's ,Rifles and a Bren

Papuan Infantry Section

Sniper Team


Flame Thrower


Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels 
Bull Allan , a option instead of the stretcher bearers 


Vickers MMG

25pdr Short 

a TOW for the 25pdr

Matilda Frog flamethrower

Sunday, 3 June 2018

DR Who Exterminate painted stuff

Ive been very ill recently so not got any gaming in but managed to get some bits painted ,mainly for Dr Who and Bolt Action ,heres the Dr Who bits still lots to do but more than enough for a game .
Davros-Heavy Weapons Dalek -Supreme Dalek &Genesis Ark

Cult of Skaro

The rest of the Daleks plus you are no longer safe hiding  upstairs

Missy ,cyber leader , Cybermen and Cybermats


1st,4th,10th&K9 resin models

10th & companions -Rose,Martha ,Donna & Wilfred

12th & friends Clara ,Madam Vastra ,Jenny Flint & Strax


Friday, 27 April 2018

Jacobite Rebellion kick starter

A fantastic kick starter from Flags of War offering a wonderful range of 28mm figures ,well worth alook if you are looking at this period .

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

What a Tanker

Our first game of too fat lardies ,What a Tanker rule set tonight at Sheffield Wargames Society , and what agreat game it is ,fast , fun and easy to pick up after turn 2 we only had to look at the rule book once just using the quick play sheets for everything .We played 3 shermans against 2 Pz iv and a stug with the germans pinching a late win with 1 of the shermans brewing up and the other 2's crews fleeing the scene.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Thud Ridge

A few pics from last nights game at Sheffield Wargames Society (well one of about 7 actually) .A 1/600th game set in the skies above Vietnam with the US Navy aircraft getting to grips with the Migs and Sams of the North Vietnamese ,loads of action with rescue missions for the downed pilots ,wild weasels and other fun stuff .

Thursday, 5 April 2018

African Rebels 28mm

Just a few rebels from Spectre Miniatures and transports from Antenocities ready to take on my SAS

Friday, 23 March 2018

Dr Who and the tale of 3 Tardis ...tardi...tardises ???

Getting into the Dr Who exterminate game I was quite pleased when warlord released a Tardis , a bit expensive at £10 but it was a crucial piece for each game ,even though it is really only a scenic piece .My tardis arrived and I was abit disapointed that when it arrived it was badly deformed ,I informed Warlord and eventually they sent me freebie ,so now I had perfect one and the deformed one ,so ideas of acrashed Tardis were in my head when I spotted adie cast one ready painted with all the signage in place for £2.99 . This die cast one seems to fit scale wise even better that the warlord one which is slightly shorter and thinner .So a scenrio with multiple Doctors is in the near future (excuse the pun )
With a Warlord Cyberman them die cast at left ,the leaning Tardis centre and the replacement right 

and from above ,very happy with my latest purchase 

Monday, 19 March 2018

scooby doo where are you - a 7tv game

Using the same layout as our sharpes practice game managed to get a quick 7tv game in using the scooby doo supplement .  As always great fun ,played it with the lights down to give a spooky dusk setting . The gang out to investigate the haunted barn , the spooks did what they do best and the police had to find the escaped lunatic . The gang discovered that the monsters were actually disgruntled townsfolks trying to stop big business buying their land and the cops got their man ,the ski mask and bloody macette gave it away in the end .Pesky Kids by Hasslefree ,cops by Crooked dice , police cars by Antenocities workshop, monsters from lots of creepy places and may by Urbanmatz ,Mystery machine by hotwheelz
The gang get out of the mystery machine near the haunted barn

A quick planning mission

The law speed to the scene

Old man grump confronts our heroes

Yipes....confronted by the monsters 

u vill leave now or face why wrath 

Daphne meets frankie and his mummy

the cops decide what to do 

Old man Grump brings his pet out to meet scooby

The mummy goes down while velma takes notes

Shaggys down but the sherrifs department are here 

abit of ashoot out .