Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Alien v Predator

My first night at sheffield wargames society for 3 weeks and played Johns Alien v Predator game , really quick fun game ,card driven which keeps the tension high ,enjoyed it and will play again .

Saturday, 7 October 2017

When Bond ,met Blofeld & nik nak backed up by some Aussies with a frog while being watched by Harley ,joker and the cosplay gang ....

Ok I wasnt sure what to put in the title "my latest painting "sounded dull , Ive been off work ill so picked up my brushes and got to work a mixed bag of stuff and finished a healthy amount ,some Australian infantry with a matilda frog and Bull Allen ,a heroic Australian who saved the lives of many of his comrades , all for Bolt Action .James Bond and some villains for 7TV and the Jared Leto joker ,Harley and the cosplay gang from the suicide squad movie for Batman Miniature game. ,not a bad haul for a couple of days work plus a few in variuos stages of completion which I may finish before I go back to work on Monday .
My Australians advance through the jungle 

Bull Allan carrys wounded comrade

A frog to back up my infantry ..toastie 

assorted villains gang up on Mr Bond 

The slightly crazy lovers

the cosplay boys (girls?) Eyeball man,the Grin twins,Pandaman and Goatshead priest

and a family shot 

Saturday, 30 September 2017

7TV box set reprint

The amazing 7TV starter set is being reprinted and the there are special offers available so you can get off to a great start
Theres aspecial price on the game but ann amazing deal on the box set and 2 starter casts as well .

Sunday, 24 September 2017

HUSH -a secret lair

Been hard at work on a secret lair for my 7TV bond games .Im happy with the very slow progress so thought I would post some work in progress shots as with all good villains i will show you my secrets then pop round to kill you slowly by shark or laser beam ,still abit of work to do but you can see whats what .
A view from above 

Mr Blofeld welcomes you 

computer room 

Missiles ready to launch , still needs some painting to finish off 

private quaters for any self respecting evil genius

lab with imprisoned scientists

stores ready to blow up .....

another shot of it all

close up of the computer lots of cctv of Bond ,John Steed ,and other 60,s stuff

Wednesday, 13 September 2017


Tonights game was a rematch of Batman v the league of Shadows and Batman got his ass kicked in a royal fashion .
a pregame auto show -my collection of batmobiles 

turn 1

Green Arrow takes along shot -and misses as he did with every shot he made

Batman about to die horribly 

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Ambush Alley -back to basics

I have always been massive fan of Ambush Alley ,I own every edition and supplement produced and was a point man doing demos for the game around the UK and they very kindly supported my charity fund raising .Well as we wait for the new version to be released we decided to go back to basics using the original AA rules and doing the basic scenario contractor trouble .A briliant game we all enjoyed it , the Marines scoring a 15 to 6 points hard fought victory victory over the insurgents .
the table before deployment

The marines move up 

the rescue

fighting their way out 

a drones view of the final turn 

Monday, 28 August 2017

Battlegroup Tobruk -more stuff finished

Managed to get some more kit for my Battlegroup Tobruk project finished , some Armourfast Valentines and some Early War Miniatures Vickers 15mm gunned light tanks .My first Armourfast and they are quite good really for wargamers would take alot of work to get to display models but nice the EWM models are really nice ,all the stowage is EWM as well .
Section of 3 Valentines

and a spare (armourfast are 2 to a box)

the Vickers light tank beefed up to the 15mm AT version ? 

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Batman v League of Shadows

Another fantastic game last night , really enjoying this rule set  its very tactical but fun ,still getting to grips with some of the special skills but we are getting there .Last night John played the League and I was Batman ,reallly bad dice rolling on both sides ( for example at one point We both needed 3+rolls I rolled 2 D6 and got double 1, John rolled 3D6 and got triple 2's)  meant it was a low scoring game which I literally stole on the last move 7pts to 6 ....
The set up 

the caped crusader looks down on Liam Neeson 

Catwomen on the tiles whilst the boys fight


Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Penquin v Joker

A nice small game last night of BMG at sheffield wargames society ,I ran a Penquin gang and John used the Joker around 300pts each in a 4 turn scenario .Our first game in along time aand we made one or 2 errors but we really enjoyed it ,lots of stratergy needed not just a shoot em up the Penquin romped home in an impressive 11 VP's to 1 win so a rematch on the cards for next wednesday .Figures all knight miniatures ,for your info building a mix of troll trader and the ones from the suicide sqd starter ,cars eagle moss and odd diecassts and the mat as always from urbanmatz.

Batman Miniature Game -Suicide Squad Box Set

Having decided to start playing BMG again I thought I would update my collection with the 2 player starter Suicide Squad box set based on the movie. It is a great set and paid extra for the one with acollectors Harley riding abomb and the Aflick batman models ,so I got anice 15 figures there are also 2 nice strong card stock buildings and some dice and counters and alovely rulebook in the style of a DC comic,,however it is not really a 2player set .You do get enough figures but not enough dice or counters for a 2 player game so a bit misleading .I also read that the book contained all the new rupdated rules as well but this is not the case but I did find it easier to read than the hard back it seems to have less clutter a disapointment was that only the first scenario includes all the figures you get in the box the others require you to buy more figures .Not the best starter set but for some onw like myself that has all the bits to play anyway ,a nice expansion .9/10

The Joker team

The Suicide Squad

the collectors figures 

I couldnt resist buying Rick Flag as well .