Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Dr Who Exterminate -review

Each Christmas my partner Elaine always surprises me with a new game or army ,this year she has bought me the Warlord Games /BBC Dr Who game and a few add on boxes as well. I have always collectd the various un licensed Dr Who figures the best coming from crooked dice games and Heresey miniatures in my opinion .Earlier this year Warlord game purchsed the license for a miniatures game and most of the unlicensed stuff dispered under threat of legal action I guess as the license must have cost fortune, also Warlord have gone to 32mm size so you cant mix in the other ranges.

So the game itself ,comes in a sturdy colourful box with all the tokens ,dice etc plus a paper 3ft x 3ft double sided play mat and 24 plastic figures ,12 Daleks and 12 cyber men ,the first down side is no major characters ,yes no Doctors. The plastic figures though are nice and do snap together and come off the sprues very easily . Three books are included ,the basic rules covering the 2 starter sides , the guide to the time vortex which has guides tocreating factions plus a number of scenarios ,finally the adventures bookwhich brings into play the Doctor his companions and allies. This is a card driven game so coomes with adventure cards ,recruitment (stat) cards and combat cards ,there are also cards for races that are not included with the bsic game (see below)
all the goodies i received

the sprues in the main game

I also rrcieved 2 large expansion sets , Davros and the Daleks and Missy and the cybermen .Basically in each box you get the relevent sprues repeated from the main game plus Missy or Davros depending on the set plus some more faction cards .The Missy and Davros are white metal and are quite nice .

Now for the Doctors I recieved 2 5 figure box sets ,one for the 10th Doctor and 4 of his companions ,Rose ,Wilfred ,Donna and Martha . Then a similier set for the 12th Doctor ,Capladis pose is a bit strange apparently based on a poster the companions are clara , Madam Vastra ,Jenny & strax. The quality of these metal miniatures is bit hit and miss and lots of flash which I don't think is acceptable these days .Next were 2 more boxes of Dr Who's this time in resin and the quality is great first set includes the 1st 4th and repeat of the 10th (different pose) the 2nd box includes the 5th ,11th and 12th Drs ( aggain adifferent much better pose) .There was also aresin K-9 .No cards come with these ,some are in the main box others are down loadable from the warlord site. Another gripe is the fact that the metal figures come on a rather nice mtal base with the name of the character on it ,the plastic and resin come with flatplastic bases so tghe metals are slightly taller. The packagingof these sets is very nice and includes auseful blue box for the figures to stay in.

The interior packing case 

Some of the excess flash can be seen on the 12th Doc

The last 2 packs were sets of 3 of each of Zygons and Judoon , overall everything looks ok quite different standard between sets .I will post more after my first game and after painting some of these.

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